Prepositional Phrases

Every preposition has an object, which is often the word right next to it. For example:  Tom and John like to go biking with Clark. The word with is the preposition.

What's in a Preposition? Dimensions of Sense Disambiguation ...

Coling 2010: Poster Volume, pages 454-462, Beijing, August 2010 What'sina Preposition? Dimensions of Sense Disambiguation for an Interesting Word Class Dirk Hovy, Stephen Tratz, and Eduard Hovy Information Sciences Institute University of Southern California {dirkh, stratz, hovy} ...


Alternate turns until one team has three in a row or the game is a draw. 3. PREPOSITION BEE See the directions for the Preposition Bee on page 162.

Detection of Grammatical Errors Involving Prepositions

Each preposition in these essays was judged for correctness of usage by one or two human raters. The judged rate of occurrence of preposition errors was 0.109 for Rater 1 and 0.098 for Rater 2, i.e., about1 out of every 10 prepositions was judged to be incorrect.


68 PLC, 346-3226 P ARTS OF S PEECH : P REPOSITIONS W HAT IS A PREPOSITION ?  A preposition is a word (or words) that creates a relationship between a noun or pronoun and another part of the sentence.

Unit 24: Starting Sentences with Prepositions

Remember from Unit 12, a prepositional phrase is a preposition and a noun after it. (There are 6 prepositional phrases, including the first.) ___2) Write S above the subject of each sentence.

PS17 - The Preposition Exercise 1

1 PS17 THE PREPOSITION A preposition relates its object to some other word in a sentence.

The Preposition Project

The Preposition Project Ken Litkowski CL Research 9208 Gue Road Damascus, MD 20872 [email protected] com Orin Hargraves 5130 Band Hall Hill Road Westminster, MD 21158 [email protected] Abstract Prepositions ...


The Preposition A preposition shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun and another noun or pronoun. The cat under the fence. The cat between the fenceand the house.

Prepositions in a Sentence

Common Phrasal Prepositions 3. Phrasal prepositions consist of a simple preposition preceded by a word from another category, such as an adverb, adjective, or conjunction.

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