Iowa Prairies

Iowa's Biological Communities Series Iowa's natural beauty has long been a great factor in drawing people to the state. But there is more to that beauty than meets the eye.


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Prairies of the Midwest

Objectives: To identify the history of Iowa and Illinois prairies. To become familiar with the three types of prairie found in Iowa and Illinois.

Freshwater Marshes and Wet Prairies

FNAI Global Rank: G3/G4 FNAI State Rank: S4 Federally Listed Species in S. FL: 12 State Listed Species in S. FL: 82 "Stability seems deadly to marsh systems..."


Just as a forest can be defined as the place where trees are the main type of vegetation, grassland can be defined as a region where grasses form the dominant type of plant life.

Lakes & Prairies

As the New Year approaches, many of us reflect back on the past, and look forward to the future. For many, 2009 was a difficult year. The Red River Valley had record flooding and many of our families were forced out of their homes and lost work.

Landscape analysis of Illinois and Wisconsin remnantprairies1

Landscape analysis of Illinois and Wisconsin remnant prairies. J. To rrey Bot. Soc. 133(2): 267-279.2006.—We examined Illinois and Wisconsin remnant prairie data to determine regional patterns of species composition as influenced by landforms with different topographic positions and soil properties ...

Save Central Texas' Prairies - Screen [Read-Only]

Microsoft PowerPoint - Save Central Texas' Prairies - Screen [Read-Only] 1 Save Central Texas' Prairies Jason Spangler Native Prairies Association of Texas [email protected] Outline Ñ Summary Ñ Introduction Ñ What is a Prairie? Ñ Photo Tour Ñ Prairie Park Examples Ñ Prairies ...

The Blackland and Grand Prairies and Grasslands of the ...

3 Table of Contents Presentations: The Geological Origin of the Blackland Prairies, the Grand Prairie, and Edwards Plateau Areas and Their Soils Donald Beaumont 5 Native Plants of the Tallgrass Prairies and Hill Country Grasslands Fred Smeins 9 Prairie Conservation David Bezanson and Jim Eidson ...

Beyond the Treeline: Prairies, Alpine & Drylands Washington ...

•1 Beyond the Treeline: Prairies, Alpine & Drylands Washington State Natural Regions Beyond the Forested Ecosystems: WA Dept. of Natural Resources

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