pplane8 Phase Portraits

pplane8 Phase Portraits The routine pplane8 is already loaded on all ITaP machines as standard software. (If you are using your own copy of Matlab you may need to download pplane8 from


Lab5: Nonlinear Systems

Using pplane8, we can let Matlab handle the numerical approximation of solutions and instead focus on the meaning of the solutions and the way that solutions change as parameters are varied. 3


How to use pplane in Matlab

How to use pplane in Matlab Download Matlab from http://software. brown.edu/dist/sw-win.html (Windows) http://software. brown.edu/dist/sw-mac.html (Mac) Next, download pplane8 (which has been develped by John C Polking at Rice University) from http://www.dam.brown.edu/people/heijster/APMA0340 ...


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