Pop Up Card Templates

Amazing Paper Pop Up Card, Template 1 of 2 (Artwork)

Amazing Paper Pop Up Card Print the templates on the following two pages on strong paper or light cardboard. Follow the instructions in the video tutorial at http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=nGPIOz1QMEo © 2011 · www.peterdahmen.de


Christianity — Easter

Christianity — Easter You will need: Pop-up Easter card template A4 card - three different colours Lolly stick Yellow card/white card painted yellow Pain t/crayons/small squares of tissue paper Sequins to decorate (optional) Glue Wobbly eyes Orange card for the beak Yellow tissue/crêpe paper ...


Photocopythetem plates, enlarging tod es iredsize, cutout ...

Photocopythetem plates, enlarging tod es ir ed size, cutout, and trace ont o card stock. POP-UP CARD TEMPLATES 2008 MARTHA STEWART LIVING OMNIMEDIA www. mart hastewart. com This template is for personal use only, not for commercial use.


Pop-up Card (Cake) : Pattern

1 Pop-up Card (Cake) : Pattern Canon is a registered trademark of Canon Inc. Caution :Glue, scissors, and other tools may be dangerous to young children so be sure to keep them out of the reach of young children.


Pop up Ball Envelope Template

If not, check printer settings and reprint at 100% (no page scaling) Two large templates meet in the center of the cardstock strip. ... section and fold the rounded panels in. PETAL FOLD ENVELOPE - SMALL FLAP TEMPLATE Designed to fit die #656024 Ball, 3-D (Pop-up) www ...


Print Lab #15 Phenomenal Pop-up Cards!

(Make sure to check paper type on directions sheet and templates - some cards may only use one of these papers.) Step 2: Cut out with scissors, score and glue pop-up pieces to the card as instructed.


How to Make a Christmas Tree Pop up Card

Imagine for a moment how wonderful it would be to personalize your cards this year, and make your own Christmas tree pop-up card to send to those special friends and family on your list! (Templates at end of printout) steps 1.



_____All rights reserved 4 Pop-up Engineering & Geo Concepts MATHEMATICS WORKSHOP POP-UP ENGINEERING and GEOMETRIC CONCEPTS 1. ... CUTTING Materials: • a sharp pointed craft knife • a metal edge ruler • heavy card board or Artline Mat.


Carousel Horse

To Construct Your Zip 20812 Glen Echo Carousel Pop-Up: The Card 1. Print out the carousel card onto a card-weight paper stock. Matt or semi-gloss photo paper is best.


A fun activity for easter - make a pop up card

© www.themouseclub.co.uk Make an Easter Pop Up Card Make this fun pop up card for Easter. Just print it out and follow the easy instructions You will need: Scissors, glue and an adult to help with the cutting out.


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