October 21- the Police Memorial Day

The good, which the force does dies and the evil which an individual policeman does lives for ever producing a cumulative reaction of hostility and opposition on the part of the public.


Burlington Standard Press Burlington Buries Its Policeman As ...

Burlington Standard Press. Thursday, February 15, 1962. Burlington Buries Its Policeman As Impressive Officers Join In Respect. A stirring three hours of our lives took place in Burlington, last Thursday morning as the city put to rest its police officer, Sgt. Tony Eilers.


Police Officers Bill of Rights

Police Officers Bill of Rights CALIFORNIA CODES GOVERNMENT CODE SECTION 3300-3311 3300. This chapter is known and may be cited as the Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act. 3301.


A Policeman Prayer

A Policeman's Prayer Lord, I ask for courage: Courage to face and conquer my Own fears; courage to take me Where others will not go. I ask for strength; Strength of body to protect Others; strength of spirit to lead Others.


Flow, My Tears, The Policeman Said

3 PART ONE Flow my tears, fall from your springs! Exiled forever let me mourn; Where night's black bird her sad infamy sings, There let me live forlorn.


ten dollars ($10).

Every policeman appointed shall be known as a railroad policeman and shall be a person of good moral character. The policeman shall be com missioned so long as the policem an is employ ed by the com pany on whose application the policeman was appointed, unless the policem an' s co mmission is ...


Tests of egocentrism

The ' boy and policemen ' task (Hughes, 1975) Hughes tested egocentrism using a model of two intersecting walls, a doll of a little boy and two 'policeman' dolls.


4th Annual Policeman's Ball.

Bonneville County FOP Lodge #8 Idaho Falls FOP Lodge #6 You are invited to the 4 th Annual Policeman's Ball. Help rebuild the lives of families and children who have been shattered by domestic violence and sexual assault (DVSAC) and assist the Police Officers Disability Fund (FOP).



tm FIREMAN, POLICEMAN, ARMED SERVICES Workout Plan This group of people is extremely important to all of us. If they are not in tip top shape, healthy and feeling well, they cannot perform their everyday duties.


The Lord’s Prayer O

POLICEMAN’S PRAYER . When I start my tour of duty God Wherever crime may be, As I walk the darkened streets alone, Let me be close to Thee. Please give me understanding With both the young and old,


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