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Trap -Eze™Disposable Plaster Traps

Trap -Eze™Disposable Plaster Traps ● Economical trap systems designed to slow water dischargeflow ● No permanent traps to clean or messy rate and allow plaster sediment to settle out of wastewater liners to replace ● Fast and easy installationandtrapreplacement ● Made in the USA Trap ...


GLECO TRAP ® SYSTEM 19 oz. and 64 oz. Plaster Traps 1. Before installing your trap, check for adequate clearance from the middle of the drain pipe going into the wall to the bottom of the cabinet.

Gleco Trap HV System High-Volume Plaster Trap • 785-841-3144 US Patent # 7082628 The Gleco Trap HV Sanitary High Volume Plaster Trap operates under the priciple of temporarily increasing the diameter of the drainpipe and slowing down the drain water flow, allowing debris to settle to the bottom of the container.


GLECO TRAP® HV SYSTEM High-Volume Plaster Trap From the inventor of the original Gleco Trap, the Gleco Trap HV Sanitary High-Volume Plaster Trap brings the same clean, dry and simple maintenance to full-size plaster traps.

Plaster Trap Maintenanc e and Disposal Schedule Effective Ju

Plaster Trap Maintenance and Disposal Schedule Effective July 15, 2008 . Disposable plaster traps used onsite must be maintained and disposed of in the manner


the stainless steel people (since 1962) data sheet item: plaster trap code: pa-1 date: rev: c october - 2003 page no: 35 stainless metal craft 6 bromley road emu plains 2750 phone: (02) 4735 5666 fax: (02) 4735 7950 e-mail www ...

Plaster Equipment and Accessories

White 210-021 Alginate Bowl & Paddle Assemblies (For Ortho Power Mixer Plus only) 300ml 210-047 500ml 210-048 Replacement Parts Plastic Tubing w/connections 210-039 Metal Trap Cap 210-032 Plastic Trap 210-028 Filters for Plastic Trap 210-027 4 oz. V. V. Lubricant 210-041 Plaster, Stone & Investment Bowl & Paddle ...


DESIGN The Zurn Z1180 Solids Interceptor is designed to recover all types of solids from precious metal particles to plaster, clay, or similar materials.


Function: Used in dental offices, jewellery stores and other areas that require interception of solids, sand, plaster, chips or valuables from lavatory or sink waste lines.

*OSCPT-C Model Shown

The BRITEX Cylindrical Plaster Trap is ideally suited to Hospitals, Laboratories, Medical Facilities and Art Rooms where waste water containing plaster needs to be filtered prior to entering plumbing infrastructure.

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