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Pixie 2

Danbury Public Schools J. Kilcourse 5/2008 page 1 Pixie 2 Pixie 2 is a drawing program that can be saved as individual pictures, saved as a movie, or as a web page. It includes clip art, backgrounds, sound, and stickers.



Danbury Public Schools J. Kilcourse 2/06 page 1 Pixie Pixie is a drawing program that can be saved as individual pictures, or shown as a slide show. It includes clip art, backgrounds, and stickers.


Pixie 2 Universal Access

Pixie 2 includes more than 500 curriculum activities that combine pictures, text, and audio, and it is easy to begin developing customized ... Students who cannot articulate the difference between similar-sounding words can use the clip art and drawing tools to illustrate their comprehension.


Pixie® 2 Brochure

Pixie 2 and Language Arts Pixie provides tools for students to build early literacy skills, whether they are completing activities to learn initial sounds ... • Explore art styles and create their own artistic masterpieces. • Transform photographs with effects like sepia and oil paint.


What's New with Pixie 2? Paint

What's New with Pixie 2—Paint August 2008 1 What's New with Pixie 2? ... Clip Art : The original stickers are still there in addition to accessing the Tech4Learning server ... You can preview the color and width of your line before drawing.


Tech4Learning Parent Purchase Program

Pixie 2 Paint and creativity software Your child can use Pixie to combine original art, clip art, text, and voice narration to create original stories, movies, comics, trading cards, and more. ... Twist Drawing and illustration software Your child can use Twist to create original illustrations and diagrams ...


Grade Level

Pixie ® 3 Process Authentic Task You can study art mathematically by looking for different types of symmetry. ... Open Pixie. 2. Click the Browse button in the Stickers tab and open the image of your face.


Kid Pix

Kid Pix Kid Pix is a drawing and painting designed especially for kids. Kids from 2-92 can make one of a kind pictures just by clicking and dragging with the mouse.


Investigating Impressionism

Impressionist art and showcase their knowledge as they research ... photo or drawing of the artist, their particular artistic style, and what inspired ... Open Pixie 2. Click the Open button on the toolbar.


LESSON 1: Writing From the Heart

2. Next, briefly talk about the things that are important to you as a person. Talk about people, places, things, or ideas. 3. In this part of the lesson, show students the Heart Map Template, or create your own by following these steps.


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