The enduring impact of transient emotions on decision making

Along with the role of genuine fairness in driving rejection rates in the ultimatum game (Rabin, 1993 ), unequal offers have also been documented to trigger negative emotions (Sanfey, Rill ing, Aronson, Nystrom, &Cohen, 2003 ), particularly anger (Pillutla &Murnighan, 1996 ).


Evaluation of Loss Coefficient For Stand Alone Radiator

European Association for the Development of Renewable Energies, Environment and Power Quality (EA4EPQ) International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality (ICREPQ'10) Granada (Spain), 23th to 25th March, 2010 Evaluation of Loss Coefficient For Stand Alone Radiator G.Pillutla 1, R ...


Cisco Carrier Packet Transport System - Ramesh Pillutla, OTBU ...

Strict SLA. SP Services/ Content. Third-Party Services/ Content. National. Data Center/ Cloud/VHO. National. Data Center/ Cloud/VHO. Regional. Data . Center/VSO. Regional


Goal Orientation

Erez, M., (2005). "Goal-Setting", "Goal-Orientation". In N. Nicholson, P. Audia, and M. Pillutla Eds). Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Organizational Behavior, 2 nd Ed. pp. 138-141.


Vision and Visioning -- A Model Based on Empirical and ...

1 Organizational Visioning: An Integrative Review Dave O'Connell, DBA Karl Hickerson, PhD Arun Pillutla, PhD St. Ambrose University 518 West Locust Street Davenport, IA 52803 Contact person: Dave O'Connell [email protected]


A Formula for (Re)Building Trust Capital

Synthesizing these definitions, organizational trust becomes a complex multidimensional construct (Bhattacharya, Devinney, & Pillutla, 1998; Cummings & Phillips- The Trust Deficit


Rellie Derfler-Rozin

Not when others are around: Salience of others and preference for discretionary versus rule-based systems" Committee: Madan Pillutla(Chair), Stefan Thau, David Faro 2007-2009 MRes., Organizational Behavior London Business School, UK 2005- 2007 MSc., Industrial Psychology, Technion, Israel Institute of ...


Human Communication . A Publication of the Pacific and Asian ...

The problem however for the scholar and the practitioner is that there has been little conceptual agreement on what constitutes organizational credibility and/or trust in the organization (Battacharya,, Devinney, & Pillutla, 1998; Bigely, & Pearce, 1998; Connell and Mannion, 2006; Mayer, Davis, & ...



... J. Alexander Smith / Janet M. Duck, Mick Fekula and Bill Wellington Year Volume Editor (senior/junior) 2007 34 J. Alexander Smith 2006 33 J. Alexander Smith 2005 32 Robert E. Ledman 2004 31 Andrew Hale Feinstein/Denise Potosky 2003 30 Sharma Pillutla/Andrew Hale Feinstein 2002 29 Mary Jo Vaughan/Sharma Pillutla 2001 28 ...


Evolutionary Perspectives

1 Evolutionary Perspectives By Johann Peter Murmann Article in the Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Management: Organizational Behavior, 2nd Edition (2004) Nigel Nicholson, Pino Audia & Madan Pillutla (Editors) Evolutionary perspectives contend that complex structures in the social and the ...


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