We've Taken A Snapshot Of A Thriving Industry

PDCA piledrivers.org - Summer 2001 Page 3 It occurs to me that an overview of the contents of this edition of our organization's publication provides a snapshot of the diverse components that make up a thriving industry that is interacting and providing a means to achieve the needs of our society.


and Specification of Steel Pipe

T o understand the production of steel pipe, we must start at the beginning of basic steel production. Most steel products are downstream, value added products made from these four basic or primary forms of raw steel: ingots, billets, blooms and slabs.


Local over the counter dues will be set at $20.00 a month due ...

Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters CARPENTER READY-TO-WORK LIST QUESTIONNAIRE For Piledrivers, Bridge, Dock, & Wharf Builders Piledriver Central Dispatch: 1-800-953-6444 or 253-945-8830 Fax: 253-945-8875 Fill out this form and return it as soon as possible in the self-addressed, postage-paid ...


Our Members Continue To Serve Our Customers Worldwide

PDCA piledrivers.org - Fall 2001 Page 3 Recent events suggest a rather sobering view of the fragility of the world we live in. Hopefully our friends and members of our organizations were not casualties of the events of Sept. 11.


New Cruise Pier 3, San Juan, Puerto Rico - page 28 T HE O ...

Please send this completed application to: PDCA | P.O. Box 66208, Orange Park, FL 32065 Phone: (888) 311-PDCA (7322) | Fax: (904) 264-9531 | www.piledrivers.org 36 • Q3 • 2005


Hoisting Equipment, Piledrivers, and Conveyors

October 2009 19-1 Section 19 Hoisting Equipment, Piledrivers, and Conveyors This section discusses hoisting equipment, piledrivers, and conveyors.


Findings Regarding Pile Drivers Local 1847

STATE OF MINNESOTA CAMPAIGN FINANCE AND PUBLIC DISCLOSURE BOARD FINDINGS REGARDING PILE DRIVERS LOCAL 1847 Procedural Background In response to an inquiry from the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board ("the Board").



Pile00.mla 03-20-01 1 AGREEMENT Between the Association of Engineering Construction Employers and Northern California Carpenters Regional Council. This AGREEMENT, entered into this first day of July, 2000 amending, modifying, renewing and supplementing the Agreement made and entered into ...


1066 to 1871 Cleveland Pension

NAME SOCIAL SECRUITY # HOME ADDRESS LOCAL UNION NO. 1871 TELEPHONE I hereby elect, to the extent that the Trustees of the Transferring Fund and the Trustees of my Home Pension Funds have executed agreements between them permitting the transfer of contributions, to have contributions paid on my ...



agc of western & central wa divers addendum special working rules for commercial diving work


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