Pig Ear Notching Chart

Identify Pigs by Ear Notching

... Consumer and Environmental Sciences on the World Wide Web at aces.nmsu.edu Identify Pigs by Ear Notching Guide B-602 Revised by L. Neil Burcham and Jason L. Turner Cooperative Extension Service • College of Agricultural, ... and individual pig (right number) ear notch numbers.



R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R OFFICIAL BERKSHIRE EAR-NOTCHING SYSTEM Litter Mark The Key RIGHT LEFT Litter Mark: ... Individual Pig Marks: Left ear is used for notches to show individual pig number in the litter.


Universal Swine Ear Notching System

Universal Swine Ear Notching System 81 Right Ear The right ear is used for litter mark, and all pigs in the same litter must have the same ear notches in this ear. ... It lIQ "'3 ~ IndMdual Pig Notches (Left Ear) ...


Methods of Livestock Identification, AS-556-W

There are variations in systems, but all of them identify a pig by litter number and individual pig number. Ear notching can also be used in other animal species, ...


Identification of Swine by Auricular Vein Patterns

... Indiana Introduction The universal ear notching system was established in the 1900's to standardize purebred and commercial swine identification ... Table 8 explains the coloration of the pig's ear and the affect of ear color on auricular vein pattern identification.


Cloth Model Pattern

As the following flow chart indicates the 4-H'ers are provided the materials, supplies and resources, ... Ear Notching a Pig Situation: The new litter was number 42.


Ear Notches

Ear Notches Ear notching is done on new born baby pigs for the purpose of identification. The pig's right ear is used for the litter number. All pigs in the same litter should have the same ear notch in the right ear.


4-H Breeding Swine Project Reference Guide

... Sows and litters are moved out of a room before another groups of sows is moved in. Suggested Activities • Make a chart of the different names used for pigs. ... • Practice ear-notching a litter of paper pig ears.


Whole Foods Market Animal Compassionate Standards for Pigs

Further Requirements to Meet Animal Compassionate Standards 7-o Ear notching of sows and boars is ... Standards 13-m Pigs raised for market must have at least the required amount of housing space as outlined in the chart below. Size of Pig Minimum indoor per pig Minimum outdoor per pig Total space ...



This is done by holding the pig firmly by one hand with three fingers supporting the jaw and the thumb pressing against the back of the neck. ... castration,a1 i ear notching or tattooing are carried out before weaning.


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