Almost Famous

Application Almost Famous Body Piercing What location are you applying for? Please circle... West Acres Mall, Fargo, ND Crossroads Mall, St. Cloud, MN Mall of America, Bloomington, MN Name:_____ Address: _____ Phone ...


Almost Famous

Healing and Aftercare Guidelines for your new Piercing Almost West Acres Mall 3902 13th Ave. S. Fargo, ND 58103 (701) 492-3955 www.almostfamous piercing.com www.piercingacademy.com Approximate Healing Times* Cartilage: 1 year or more Earlobe 6 - 8 weeks Eyebrow: 6 - 8 weeks Genitals 4 weeks to 6 ...


14kt White Gold Birthstones

14kt White Gold. Pricing and availability subject to change. 14kt White Gold Birthstones January* $ 44 50 3mm crystal garnet February* $ 44 50 3mm crystal amethyst March* $ 44 50 3mm crystal light sapphire April* $ 44 50 3mm CZ May* $ 44 50 3mm crystal emerald June* $ 44 50 3mm crystal tanzanite ...


Body Piercing and Tattoos

Body Piercing and TATTOOS A LITTLE HISTORY Tattooing has linked to early societies such as those in Egypt , Peru , Japan and the Philippines . The art of tattooing dates as far back as 2000 B .


Warning: Chemicals will not help you heal faster!

Warning: Chemicals will not help you heal faster! Chemicals upset the delicate balance of your healing piercing, therefore it is strongly suggested that you DO NOT USE any product containing active ingredients or any chemical you would be afraid to put in your eyes or mouth, including (but not ...


localized Piercing PimPle"

Body Piercing TrouBleshooTing For you and your healThcare ProFessional localized Piercing PimPle " A single pustule occurs adjacent a piercing—often in a recurrent cycle symPToms: • Small, slightly elevated pustule • Red and inflamed, but contained locally • May be tender, itch, or burn ...


APP Aftercare for Body

Or protect your piercing using a special waterproof bandage* such as Tegaderm, which is available at drugstores. Avoid all beauty and personal care products on or around the piercing including cosmetics, lotions, and sprays, etc.


Aftercare Guidelines for

Once healed your piercing may secrete a semisolid white malodorous substance from the oil glands called sebum. This is not pus, but indicates a healed piercing.


Send in your 18" doll for a new look!

Total price Ear-piercing service for 18" dolls Shipping & processing 2-Day add $15 Next Day / Express Mail to Canada add $20 Subtotal Sales Tax Total We are required to collect applicable sales tax for deliveries to the following states: CA, CO ...


Medically Reviewed by Dr. Janet L.H. Keating, Duke University ...

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