3 LASER Type Semiconductor laser GaAIAs Wave length 645 - 660 nm (DVD) 770 - 800 nm (CD) Output Power 6 mW (DVD) 7 mW (VCD/CD) Beam divergence 60 degrees This product complies with the radio interference requirements of the European Community.

Philips Medical Systems in Asia Pacific

3 Philips Medical Systems Asia Pacific will continue to be a key growth engine: •Continued high GDP growth of around 6% p.a excluding Japan (3.5% when including) in the next 5 years, where China expected to be ~ 8% p.a. •Japan, while showing only 1+% growth, represents 45% of the total ...

Philips Remote Patient Monitoring

Bridging healthcare, lifestyle and technology to advance telehealth The population is aging. The prevalence of chronic disease and functional limitations is on the rise.

Philips Consumer Lifestyle Drachten

4 Philips Consumer Lifestyle Drachten is part of Royal Philips Electronics NV, one of the largest companies in the field of health, lifestyle and technology worldwide.

SRU2103WM/17 Owner's Manual

3 2 Introduction Table of Contents Congratulations on your purchase of a Philips Universal Remote Control. Philips Universal Remotes let you replace a broken or lost remote or combine more than one remote into one.

Philips Healthcare overview

Executive summary Exited 2010 with solid growth and strengthened operational performance as promised • Grew faster than our markets, gaining market share

Energy-efficient, dimmable LED bulb—the first recipient of ...

Philips Award Winning LED Bulb Ideal for decorative and ambient lighting in retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, government buildings, and multi-unit residences L Prize

Press Information

Press Information February 15, 2011 PHILIPS LED LIGHTBULB IS FIRST 60-WATT EQUIVALENT TO EARN ENERGY STAR QUALIFICATION Consumers get proven technology that will save energy and money with commercially available Philips AmbientLED 12.5 watt Somerset, NJ - The world's first LED replacement for a ...


Philips Medical Systems Introductory Note Heartstream, Inc., was founded in 1992. Its mission was to design and produce an automated external defibrillator (AED) that could be successfully used by a layperson responding to sudden cardiac arrest and that was: •small light-weight low-cost ...

DS3880W/10 Philips Wireless speaker with AirPlay

Surround yourself with natural, immersive audio Obsessed with sound DS3880W/10 Philips Wireless speaker with AirPlay

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