: Novel Hydrophilic Bonded-Phase Fused-Core® Particles ...

PL 2 A.Perczel : Dynamical Structure Activity Relationship of Pept ides and Proteins Lunch PL 3 Gy.Vigh : A New Preparative-Scale Isoelectrophoretic Trapping Device: ...

13.4 UV/VIS Spectroscopy

13.4 UV/VIS Spectroscopy The spectroscopy which utilizes the ultraviolet (UV) and visible (VIS) range of electromagnetic radiation, is frequently referred to as Electronic Spectroscopy .

IR Spectroscopy

1 IR Spectroscopy While NMR gave information about connectivity of atoms based on the odd spins of certain atomic nuclei (e. g. 1 H, 13 C, 15 N) , IR gives information about various functional groups present in the molecule.


Hansen, D.J., Watson-Perczel, M. (dePerczel, M.), & Smith, J.M. (1989). Clinical issues in social-skills training with adolescents. Clinical Psychology Review, 9, 365-391.

Adaptation of the Beck Hopelessness Scale in Hungary - Abstract

Psychological Topics, 19 (2010), 2, 307-321 Scientific paper - UDC - 616.89-008.441.44-07(439)  Dora Perczel Forintos, Department of Clinical Psychology, Semmelweis University,

A Community of KnoWLEDGE Eötvös Loránd University ...

Born in 1959 in Budapest, András Perczel graduated from ELtE university in 1985. He has been teaching at ELtE university’s faculty of Science since 1987 and oversees

Secondary structures of peptides and proteins via NMR ...

5 16 A. Perczel and A. G. Császár, "Toward direct determination of conformations of protein building units from multidimensional NMR experiments III.

a LEA protein from A. thaliana

... András Perczel 1 1 Institute of chemistry, E. Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary, 2 Institute of Enzymology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

Das Perczel Mór – Gymnasium

Das Perczel Mór - Gymnasium Unser Gymnasium liegt im Herzen von Siófok, der Hauptstadt des Plattensees. Die Schule wurde 1950 gegründet. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt wurde das Gymnasium von 46 SchülerInnen besucht, die nur von drei Lehrkräften unterrichtet wurden.

Enhancing the effectiveness of social skills interventions ...

Hansen, Watson-Perczel, and Christopher (1989) suggested that for social skills training investigations to be sensitive to social validity they should address: (a) ...

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