Peppersauce Bottoms Community Pueblo, Colorado

Peppersauce Bottoms Community Pueblo, Colorado In the summer of 2006, the Peppersauce Bottoms neighborhood in Pueblo was ravaged by a flood. Flood waters passed over an adjacent railroad service yard which stored creosote-treated railroad ties and handled various petroleum products.

Peppersauce Cave Conservation Project's (PCCP) Cave Graffiti ...

Peppersauce Cave Conservation Project's (PCCP) Cave Graffiti Sandblaster Equipment (managed by Ray Keeler) Introduction At the 2003 NSS Convention, Dick Blenz saw a demonstration of Ray Keeler's sandblaster equipment designed specifically for use in removal of graffiti in caves.


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Rough drive to rediscovera wounded mountain reveals Mount ...

Ten slow miles from Peppersauce, we entereda ghost forest, haunted by the black skeletons of trees. Even so, we could see nature striving to recover.

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PEPPERSAUCE BOTTOMS PEPPERSAUCE BOTTOMS   Also known by the residents as Also known by the residents as El Barrio El Barrio   Small, stable low Small, stable low-lying village: 23 homes-lying village: 23 homes   Founded more than 100 years ago, farmed Founded more than 100 years ago, farmed for ...

Pinal County

Pinal County COMMON NAME SCIENTIFIC NAME DESCRIPTION COUNTY ELEVATIO N HABITAT COMMENTS STATUS Arizona hedgehog cactus Echinocereus triglochidiatus var.

Underground Movement

Rick Royer checks out an old knotted rope in Peppersauce Cave Before long we heard the sounds of multiple teenagers echoing throughout the cave. We came upon the large group of spelunkers taking a break in a big room, and I spoke with a couple of them for a few minutes.

Peppers Cable Glands

For over 65 years, Peppers Cable Glands has been involved in the manufacture and sale of Cable Glands, giving the company a wealth of experience and expertise

Photograph Courtesy of Don Schotec

Personnel: 8 Hours: 27 August 18, 2006 Three cavers overdue, Peppersauce Cave, Catalinas Assisted by Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Association, Pinal County Sheriff, Escabrosa Grotto Three teenage boys from Phoenix planned to spend a few hours in Peppersauce cave near Oracle before returning home for ...

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Information on the caves was obtained from the published maps of Scroll Cave (Thayer, undated) and Deadman Cave (Brod, 1977 survey) from visits to Scroll, Deadman, Peppersauce and Nugget Caves, and from conversations with Lang Brod of the Escabrosa Grotto.

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