Processing Chile Peppers

Blistering: There are several ways to blister pepper skin for easy removal. Fire-roasting, steam injection, microwave heating or any other source of high heat applied directly to the surface of the pepper will cause the skin to blister.

The peppered moth: a black and white story after all

1 The peppered moth: a black and white story after all Preprint from Genetics Society News 50 : 34-38, January 2004 Published online at: © Jim Mallet, November 2003 (updated January 2004) Galton Laboratory, Dept. of Biology, University College London Perhaps ...

IPM* Series: Peppers

Fruit Ripening / Pungency Blossom-end rot Bell Pepper Blossom-end rot Habanero Pepper Almost all pepper varieties produce green pods that change color as they ripen.

The Story of Chile Peppers

Chile Pepper Production There are many factors that affect chile pepper production on New Mexico, including pests and disease. Many chile pepper researchers describe chile peppers as not liking to get their "feet" wet.

Bell Pepper Production in California

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources Publication 7217 BELL PEPPER PRODUCTION IN CALIFORNIA TIm HARTz and mARITA CANTwELL , University of California Cooperative Extension Specialists, Department of Plant Sciences, University of ...


Shipped by Truck* Pepper Delivers Quicker! PDQ must be on a separate order and MUST specify PDQ. PDQ prices are printed in BOLD. Shipment within 10 business days.

SA-8 Spec Sheet 1.09

T he PepperBall SA-8 compressed gas pistol offers semi-automatic action, compact size, with an 8 shot capacity. Range is 35 feet on target and 100+ feet for area saturation.

ADC Commercialisation Bulletin # 6

IDEA/Hot Pepper/May 14, 2001 ADC Commercialisation Bulletin # 6 HOT PEPPER Marketing 1 Markets Fresh chilli and hot pepper exports have been increasing to Europe over the last five years although the market is still small and mainly consists of consumers from "ethnic minorities".

Pepper Production

Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources • Oklahoma State University HLA-6030 J.E. Motes Extension Vegetable Specialist Jim T. Criswell Pesticide Program Specialist John P. Damicone Extension Plant Pathologist Production Requirements Peppers are a warm season crop and require ...


The sweet bell pepper is the most popular type; if allowed to ripen, the fruit turns red, orange, cream yellow or purple depending on cultivar, and remains sweet.

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