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Growing hybrid bell pepper varieties in double rows on raised beds covered with black plastic mulch and drip irrigation has resulted in high yields of excellent quality peppers.


UC Davis, Vegetable Research and Information Center Home Vegetable Gardening Page 1 Pepper (Capsicum annuum) Recommended Varieties Disease Resistance Hot Tam Mild Jalapeno (mild heat with Jalapeno flavor) PVY Jalapeno M (very hot) Anaheim TMR 23 ...

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Pepper Dr. Gustavo Adolfo González-Aguilar Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico Scientific Name and Introduction : Pepper ( Capsicum Annul, L), also called bell pepper, chili, chilies, aji, pimiento, paprika, and capsicum is a warm-season crop that ...

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Covers all aspects of plant cultivation, biological methods of plant protection, harvesting, processing, handling, packing and storage.

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1 (Slip Opinion) OCTOBER TERM, 2010 Syllabus NOTE: Where it is feasible, a syllabus (headnote) will be released, as is being done in connection with this case, at the time the opinion is issued.

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Cooperative Extension Service CTAHR Fact Sheet Home Garden Vegetable no. 3* January 1997 Bell Pepper Climatic requirements Bell pepper is a cool-climate crop (65-75 o F).


Recommendations for sampling:  Tomato: collect mid-season, newest fully developed leaf, 40 plants/sample  Pepper: collect prior to or at early fruit development, ...

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