Expectancies in decision making, reinforcement learning, and ...

Animal learning studies indicate that expectancies may arise from different sources, including not only forward models but also Pavlovian associations, and the flexibility with which such representations impact behavior may depend on how they are generated.

The incentive sensitization theory of addiction: some current ...

stimuli: Pavlovian conditioned approach behaviour (Harmer & Phillips 1998); Pavlovian instrumental transfer (Wyvell & Berridge 2001); and conditioned

British Journal of Psychology , vol. 71 (1980), 435-7 ...

Watson had developed, among other things, the concept of brand loyalty, and the crudely Pavlovian apposition of the brand name with stimuli indicating high social status, which effectively influences consumer behaviour to this day.

Purdue University-West Lafayette, Indiana

Behavioural Brain Research, in press. Davidson, T. L. (2001). A Pavlovian analysis of learning about hunger stimuli. Animal Learning & Behavior, in press.

J. L. McGaugh Award for Excellence in Graduate Research,

The basolateral amygdala complex is involved with, but not necessary for, rapid acquisition of Pavlovian fear conditioning. European Journal of Neuroscience. 12, 3044-3050.

Using insect sniffing devices for detection

Although these animals usually learn in their natural environment, they can also be trained to learn and remember odors through Pavlovian conditioning.


Following Pavlovian conditioning, two 2-hr. VI sessions were given to assure a stable bar-pressing rate, followed by ten test sessions. During each 2-hr, test session 2-min. VI reinforcement remained in effect for bar pressing; superimposed upon this performance were four 2-min. presentations of the tone ...

Learning Behaviour I

Fig. 4.7 Fig. 4.9 Classical (Pavlovian) conditioning This procedure also works with aversive (as well as appetitive) stimuli -here US = cat odour, which rats innately avoid.

Temporal coding in conditioned inhibition: Retardation tests

Pavlovian conditioned inhibition affords the opportunity to examine temporal integration in a different situation, thereby speaking to the generality of the temporal integration tenet.

1 Introduction - Every extension of knowledge arises from ...

The most notable model used to study association is that of Pavlovian conditioning. 1.1 Explicit and Implicit Aspects of Conditioning Pavlovian conditioning involves the association of a previously neutral stimulus, such

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