House Casserole

house casserole a creamy three-cheese casserole made with egg noodles and a meat and tomato topping lasagna just plain

Instructions and recipes for Great Aunt Gina's pasta machine

-2-Use and Care Instructions PREPARING THE PASTA MACHINE FOR USE Attach the machine to the edge of your table or counter using the clamp provided.


PASTA NOSTRA WINE & BEER LIST© December, 2009 {25 years this month} OUR WINE GUARANTEE Wine is an agricultural product. As such it is as varied as the clouds in the sky—more varied even than all the meatball recipes in Italy!

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Fresh pasta adds flavor and texture, and transforms an ordinary pasta dish into an extraordinary meal!

Panini Party Comes w/ a small salad. Gluten Free option ...

19. pappardelle al ragù bolognese slow simmered meat sauce & fresh pasta 15. linguine alle vongole fresh baby clams, pancetta, garlic, peperoncini & white wine 16.

Cavanna Pasta

2272 John Rolfe Pkwy. John Rolfe Commons Richmond, VA 23233 Phone: (804) 360-9868 Fax: (804) 360-9869 Phone: (804) 360-9868 Open Tue, Thu, Fri 9am - 7pm See website for farmers markets We offer fine, handmade fresh pasta that you just pick up, take home, drop in boiling ...

Pasta Gallery Catering by Catering by Pasta Gallery

Gift Baskets Any Budget for any Occasions Freshly grated Pecorino Romano & Parmgiano Reggiano also available!! Jumbo Ravioli Small Square Ravioli Cheese, Lobster, Meat, Porcini, Smoked Mozzarella & Roasted Peppers Spinach & Cheese, Sausage & Cheese Variety of Fresh Cut Pasta Available in ...

Our Laboratorio Tortellini Fresh Frozen Pasta

Fiocchi (Purses) w/ 4 Cheese & Pear 3/6.6lb SUPC 1748805 Fresh pasta purses filled with Robiola, Ricotta, Grana Padano, and Teleggio cheeses complimented with crisp pieces of fresh pear.

How To Cook "Pasta Mama" How To Cook "Pasta Mama" Ingredients 5 oz. of pasta (about 1/3 lb. fresh or dry) 2 eggs, beaten 2 cloves minced garlic 2 TBS. chopped parsley 1 TBS. olive oil (or butter) 1 TBS. water 1 TBS. of fresh grated Parmesan 1 TSP. dry seasonings, Mix ¼ tsp each or equal parts of ...

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