Perfect Panelling

Perfect Panelling Top quality matchboard-type panelling,in a wide range of profiles for traditional or contemporary effects ●Manufactured from MDF in a range

Laminex Product Catalogue

CONSTRUCTTION ADHESIVES Issued April 2008 144 Wet Area Panelling Adhesive Trade EssentialsWet Area Panelling Adhesive is a high strength, polychloroprene rubber based adhesive/sealant supplied in a ready to use cartridge.

GM0493_SF_ Wet Area Panelling

Because Laminex ® Wet Area Panelling is grout-free, and minimises dirt-catching crevices, your walls will be easier to clean - a simple wipe-over with a damp cloth and non-abrasive cleaner does the trick.

1000mm Waterproof PVC Panelling

Fixing Instructions 45mm x 21mm Battens if fitted must be at a maximum distance of 500mm apart. TIMBER BATTENS PANEL FIXING Seal all tongue and groove joints with Wetrooms sealant.

Install Sheet Wall Panels

Project Cost Estimator Materials Description Quantity Cost Wall Panelling Sheets 42mm x 19mm Pine Battens Wall Panel Adhesive 25mm x 1.6mm Panel Pins 30mm x 2mm Bullet Head Nails (if required) Masonry Nails or Screws & Plugs (if required) Colour Matched Woodfiller Clear Polyurethane, finishing ...

moderna® panelling

moderna presents a wide range of top-class panelling for beautiful furnishing ideas, giving your home new design momentum. Maybe you want things to be modern, simple and bright with attractive contrasts?

Plytech Caravan Interior Pre-finished Panelling

Caravan Plywood is available with impregnated paper overlay (Figured Oak, Steamed Beech, Rock Maple, Illusion) or Alkorcell overlay (Fantasy Linen).

: 2 x 9'6" 4x3 5 x 5' 3x3 Panelling 10 x 9'6" 1x6 Skids 2 x ...

12" Advisable to cut off tip to avoid catching when towing Base Cut away section 4" SKID CROSS-SECTION Towing : 4 eyebolts will be required, one for each corner. . . www ...

Hand Carved Linenfold Panelling Tudor Style Plain Panelling and Georgian Style Panelling Medieval Plank Panelling Geometric Panelling Wall Panelling Tailor Made to fit exactly (around doors and windows) the walls of your Home, Office or Building Half Gothic Panelling Full Gothic Panelling ...

TQL 1 Timber Panelling

©Timber Queensland Limited Technical Data Sheet 1 - Pine Panelling Revised February 2004 - Page 1 Counter Batten Sarking/Insulation to BCA (see also TDS26) Roof Batten Ceiling Panelling Rafters Sarking Roof Batten Rafter Insulation to BCA (see also TDS26) Ceiling Panelling Introduction This ...

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