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Before taking the course, students must be proficient in the following: ♥ Performing CPR skills using the 2005 ECC guidelines ♥ Reading and interpreting basic PALS EKG rhythm strips ♥ Knowledge Of basic PALS pharmacology ♥ Evaluating a child using the systematic approach to pediatric assessment ...

EKG Graph Paper

ECG Study Guide (PALS) EKG Graph Paper ... Practice measuring your strips in the study guide. The rhythm strips on the exam are NOT 6 second strips.

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This letter is to confirm your registration in the Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) course. ... Vascular Access / IO Video 1150-1210 1 st Rotation of EKG / Electrical Therapy & Vascular Access 1210-1310 Lunch 1310-1330 2 nd Rotation of EKG ... ECG Basic Arrhythmia

Waves and Measurements, and Analyzing EKG Rhythm Strips. 4. Review the “Key Points” sections of the arrhythmia chapters of the text (chapters

Precourse Assessment

American Heart Association ACLS Pre-Course Self Assessment Dec., 2006 ECG Analysis Name the following rhythms from the list below: Normal Sinus Rhythm NSR Sinus Bradycardia

Pediatric Advanced

Artrcrican Hr "nrr,r.iorl?rll (| karn and Live PALS Written 2006 Precourse Self-Assessment ECG Rhythm ldentification The PALS self-assessment on ECG rhythm identification is designed to test your ability to identify rhythms you may encounter as a PALS provider.

ACLS Rhythms for the ACLS Algorithms

2. Ventricular Fibrillation/Pulseless Ventricular Tachycardia Defining Criteria per ECG Clinical Manifestations * Pulse disappears with onset of VF * Collapse, unconsciousness * Agonal breaths apnea in <5 min * Onset of reversible death Common Etiologies * Acute coronary syndromes leading to ...

EKG Lead Placement

EKG Lead Placement The new LIFEPACK 12 heart monitor us. es a modified placement of monitor leads. This guide is designed to help you understand the new locati

Basic Arrhythmia Recognition Course

Microsoft Word - 2009 MMC Basic EKG flyer 010709 1445 FINAL FINAL.doc ... ACLS Course participants must complete the ACLS (or PALS) Provider Course PreAssessment Tes t before attending an ACLS (or PALS) Provider Course; this ...

ACLS Study Guide

CPR, ACLS or PALS at your Location… American Heart Courses How does a Stress-Free Private American ... renewal course for clinicians who utilize their ACLS skills frequently and can interpret rhythm strips. ... If you are rusty on EKG's no problem, simply purchase our Basic EKG Guide at www ...

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