A 29 y/o Woman with palpitations

PALPITATIONS | Unpleasant awareness of forceful, rapid, or irregular beating of the heart | Very common -16% of all complaints to PCP's | Almost always benign, but concern of serious arrhythmia prompts workup many times | Extensive DDx


Palpitations Benjamin R. Doolittle, MD, M Div Week 22 Educational Objectives: 1. Describe the differential diagnosis of palpitations 2. Effectively use the history and physical to differentiate likely causes of palpitations 3.

Palpitations: A Basic Approach

Palpitations: Evaluation and Outcomes •190 consecutive pts with palpitations at a university medical center over 8 months •H & P, diagnostic w/u, psych interview •Mean age 46yo, 61% female, 74% white, 57% >1 yr of college, 32% prior heart disease •Etiologies: cardiac 43%, psych 31% ...

Evaluation of Palpitations: Etiology and Diagnostic Methods

enerally described as an uncomfortable awareness of one's own heartbeat, palpitations are a common clinical symptom. Even when the word "palpitations" is not specifically used, patients often report that their heart races, skips a beat, or seems at times to stop.

Palpitations: - advice to GPs

Palpitations protocol Version 1.1 28/04/2009 Palpitations: - advice to GPs "Palpitations" is a non-specific and general term usually relating to an increased and subjective "awareness of heart rhythm".

A Clinical Approach to

Perspectives in Cardiology / April 2002 26 P rimary-care physicians are frequently faced with the assessment of a patient with palpitations. Potential obstacles to such an assessment are numerous, ranging from issues of definition to difficulty docum enting cardiac rhythm during spontaneous ...

Department of Cardiology Royal Berkshire Hospital

This rhythm can then at leisure be converted into a sound signal and transmitted by telephone to the Cardiac Laboratory in the hospital. Normal palpitations We are all sometimes aware of our heart beating fast and strongly.

Diagnostic Approach to Palpitations

Patient information: A handout on heart palpitations, written by the author of this article, is provided on page 755. A n increased or abnormal awareness of the heartbeat, palpitations are a common symptom in patients presenting to family physicians.

Palpitations in a Young Adult

Palpitations in a Young Adult Case: A 27 year old female attorney presents to the office with three days of intermittent "fluttering" sensation in her chest.

050298 Evaluations of Patients with Palpitations

Volume 338 Number 19 * 1369 Current Concepts CURRENT CONCEPTS E VALUATION OF P ATIENTS WITH P ALPITATIONS P ETER Z IMETBAUM, M.D., AND M ARK E. J OSEPHSON, M.D. From the Cardiovascular Division, Department of Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, Boston.

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