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For the full story on Patel reaching the milestone and the details about the new brand of cigar, turn to page four. n Rocky Patel Fifteenth Anniversary [page 4] n California Cigar Tax Cut [page 5] n CRA Endorsing Cigar-Friendly Politicos [page 5] n Comeback: La Palina Brand [page 5] n Ultra Fat Cuban Romeo ...

McNamara, Nick Okon and David Tirschwell Wendy Shultis ...

Palina Louangketh, MHS; Mike McNamara, MS; Nick Okon, DO; David Tirschwell, MD, MSc Background and Purpose—The age-adjusted stroke death rate in adults aged 45 years is significantly higher in the

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We welcome Alyssa Palina and Samantha Prestia. Ms. Palina will be teaching Art and Ms. Prestia will be teaching Special Education. Both will be at King George Middle School.

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La Palina cigar in June, which is now made in the Bahamas by Graycliff Cigar Co. The first incarnation was the 1896, named for the year the original La Palina was created.


Palina will be no larger than 2 ½ “ in diameter. 4. A coin toss will determine first throw of the palina. The team winning the toss will throw the palina.

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GettingToRush08_rev3 GettingToRush08_rev3. 2 pedway Patient/Visitor Parking Employee Parking pedway Eisenhower Expressway - East Eisenhower Expressway - West Van Buren Street Congress Parkway Flournoy Street Harrison Street Ogden A venue Paulina Street Paulina Street W o od Street Ashland A ...

Bocce Golf Rules

Bocce Golf Rules æ Each team consists of 2-4 members, 1-2 on each end of the court. æ Flip a coin to see who rolls the palina first and gets their choice of ball color. æ Palinas not resting between the centerline and far foul line and not 6 inches from any board will be spotted. æ The ...

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•Please remember to mute all electronic devices. •You must swipe your card at the door in order to receive credit for your course. •No one under the age of 18 is allowed in meeting rooms.

Clinical Affairs (MC 621); 801 South Paulina, Chicago, IL ...

Clinical Affairs (MC 621); 801 South Paulina, Chicago, IL. 60612; 312-996-1036 February 1, 2004 Doctor, The dental students at the University of Illinois at Chicago - College of Dentistry are required to collect extracted human teeth for use during their pre-patient care dental education.

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