Younger Dryas ‘‘black mats’’ and the Rancholabrean ...

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Obestatin, a Peptide Encoded by the Ghrelin Gene, Opposes Ghrelin ...

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Dilemma of late Palaeozoic mixed floras in Gondwana

... Palaeoecology xxx (2010) xxx–xxx 9Please cite this article as: Srivastava,A.K., Agnihotri,D., Dilemma of late Palaeozoic mixed floras in Gondwana, Palaeogeogr.

letters to nature

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R EPORTS - Regular and Irregular Patterns in Semiarid Vegetation

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Publications by W

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Continental palaeovegetation changes at hominid sites in East ...

Pollen and clay mineral assemblages of a late Miocene lacustrine sequence from the northwestern Ethiopian highlands. Palaeogeogr., Palaeoclimatol.,

Simulated Increase of Hurricane Intensities inaCO -Warmed Climate

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Barry - Climate change publications

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