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Assessment of the Population Density and Conservation Status of Sea Cat (Lontra felina) in the 10 th Region of South Chile 3 I. - INTRODUCTION The marine otter, also known as Chungungo ( Lontra felina Molina,1782), belongs to the mustelid family and lives exclusively in marine habitats ...


OK, otter sleuths, lets begin! The front and larger hind feet of the otter are each endowed with five well-developed toes with partial webbing between each toe.

from the International Otter Survival Fund No 48 Autumn 2007

2 A MESSAGE FROM PAUL As another year comes to a close, I would like to thank you once again for your support and loyal following. I can't believe it is 14 years since the Fund was started and since those early days we have become a major force in international otter conservation.

Demographics of Ohio's River Otter Population

Donofrio - 2 - Abstract Historically, river otters ( Lontra canadensis ) were abundant in aquatic systems throughout the country. By the 1830's, river otter numbers had been drastically reduced due to unregulated trapping and habitat destruction.

Wildlife in Connecticut

W ILDLIFE IN C ONNECTICUT WILDLIFE FACT SHEET CONNECTICUT DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ● WILDLIFE DIVISION River Otter Lutra canadensis Background Most Connecticut residents rarely have an opportunity to observe river otters in the wild as otters generally avoid contact with humans.


Where do they live?

a l l a b o u t... OTTER © compiled from Scottish Natural Heritage and Forestry Commission sources. Otters are terrestrial mammals that spend much of their time in water, especially when they are feeding.

Otters’ Favorite Foods - Monterey Bay Aquarium: Otters ...

Print two copies of Sea Otter Favorite Foods critter cards for each student. 2. Ask the students to look closely at the pictures of the abalone, decorator crab, turban snail, sea urchin

Missouri's Otter - A Guide to Management and Damage Control

Otters do eat fish, but their presence in a farm pond does not automatically spell disaster for fish populations. Sometimes otters are mistakenly blamed for problems caused by natural events or other animals.

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