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Oromo Peoplehood: Historical and Cultural Overview

When those Oromos who were influenced by this institution kept their Oromo names, most Oromos who were converted to Islam or Christianity willingly or by force abandoned their Oromo names and ad opted Muslim or Christian names depending on their borrowed religion.


Partnership in Improving Reproductive Health Findings from ...

5 Findings from the Amhara and Oromia Demographic Surveys Main findings include: •Oromo Orthodox Christian and Oromo Muslim married women with at least four children are roughly half as likely to want no more children as Amhara Orthodox Christianwomen.



Oromo economic, cultural, social and political life is organized under the Gada system. This system organizes Oromo society into groups or sets that assume different responsibilities in



An effective relationship is often maintained between ayyaana and Oromo by Qaaifu (male) and/or Qaafitti (female). A Qaaifu is like a Bishop in the Christian world and an lmam in the Muslim world.


Ethiopia: A Model Nation of Minorities

He poses a number of familiar questions and answers them as follows: "Are the Oromo the majority ethnic group in Ethiopia? Is Ethiopia predominantly Muslim?


Oromo Studies Association

Meaning, possibly, the placement of an Amharic Orthodox school in an Oromo Muslim community. Most importantly, Article 13 of Decree Number 3 states that "the general language of instruction throughout Ethiopia shall be the Amharic Language, which language all missionaries will be expected to learn" ( ...


The Concept of Oromummaa and Identity Formation in ...

Consequently, there were times when Christian Oromos identified themselves more with Habashas and Muslim Oromos more with Arabs, Adares, and Somalis than they were with other Oromos. Under these conditions, Oromo personal identities, such as religion replaced Oromoness, central Oromo values, and core ...


Oromo African Immigrants' Experiences with Child Care

... Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area is now considered to host the ―largest concentration of Oromos in the United States‖. 5 The Oromo population in the Twin Cities is approximately 10,000 to 12,000 people although Oromo leaders believe the number is closer to 20,000. 6 Half of the population is Muslim and ...


Discussion paper - The utility of ethical dialogue for ...

On the other hand, the Northern Oromo, such as the Raya, Azebo, Yeju and Wollo were converted to Islam during the eighteenth century and the Gibe states embraced Islam - owing to the influence of Muslim merchants, in the mid-nineteenth century.


Harär Town and its Neighbours in the Nineteenth Century

According to the Maya Alia, the first mosques were built, as among the Alia of Gara Mullata and Fadis, in the time of Muhammad ibn Ali. 73 The Abado Alia, just west of the Maya and the Nole, claim to have had some contact with the Muslim Oromo of Dawe before the Egyptians coerced all the Afran-Qallu ...


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