Origami Box With Lid

Origami Box With Lid Instructions

Origami Box With Lid Instructions Start with a piece of junk mail or other piece of paper or thin card that you want to make into an origami box.


6 Pointed star box - base

16 6 Pointed star box - lid Assembly Insert tab into pocket (mate the two turned over top edges). Mountain fold behind to lock 17 Note how point tucks inside neighbouring module.....Assemble remaining 4 units © R.Glynn - July 1998


Origami Rectangle Box

Rotate model then repeat 5-8 on other end of model. Finished Rectangle Box. You can also make slightly larger box for a lid. 10. Pull sides out. www.origami-fun. com Origami Rectangle Box


Origami Box

If you fold a second box with a slightly bigger square of paper, you can use it as a lid. 2. Fold the four corners carefully into the center, creasing well. 3. Fold two sides into the centre as shown, again creasing well. 1. Fold your origami square in half ... co.uk Keeping Kids Busy Origami Box - Page 3 6 ...


Heart box (base)

Heart box (lid) © Robin Glynn March 2001 Swivel 4 segments. 25 26 27 28 Tuck the layer under the pocket. Repeat steps 25-27 on this side. 29 Tuck the small flap behind to lock. 30 Slide the tab into the pocket. 30b Turn over 31 Mountain fold the tip inside the model (you may need to reorganise ...


Rectangular Box (traditional)

Rectangular Box (traditional) 5 6 7 8 2/2 CShoko Aoyagi Place a thumb under each of the rectangular borders and pull them apart. Well done ! Here is the box. Make another for a lid.


BIG Images iPod Origami Box folded from $100 bill

Dollar Bill Origami Box Instructions on folding a box from a dollar bill. Brought to you by Jon Beebe of BIG Images. Step 3: Creating the Lid and Tuck Flap 8 9 10 Fold the edges in and create a corner similar to steps 5 and 6.


Origami Triangle Box

www.origami-fun. com Origami Triangle Box 1. Start with a square piece of paper, plain side up. Fold the paper in half. 2. Fold the top corners toward the bottom point, then open to create these creases.


Origami Box

Origami Box Club Epson www. club epson.com.au You need: 2 pieces of paper (or greeting card halves) ruler pencil scissors glue or sticky tape Instructions: 1. ... (If you're using a greeting card, use the "front" for the lid. Be sure the design is centred.)


Origami box diagram

- 1 - Origami box diagram By Karl Kangur - © 2007 www. orig amin ut. com This is a simple yet useful origami: make a box out of any paper format to store stuff.


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