Oral Fluency Rubric

Rubric for Oral Reading Fluency

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Multidimensional Fluency Rubric

Score _____ Scores below 10 indicate that the student needs additional instruction in fluency. Rubric modified from Tim Rasinski - Creating Fluent Readers


Oral Reading Fluency

Resource Links SAM Keyword: R180 OFA Rubric Adapted from Oregon Public Education Network (1998), Zuttell and Rasinski (1991), and National Assessment of Educational Progress's Scale for Assessing Oral Reading Fluency (1995).


Fluency Rubric

Fluency Rubric 55 Standards Indicator 1.1.15 Smoothness/Pacing Confidence Accuracy Expression 4 Student reads all of the familiar text smoothly and continuously.


Fluency Rubric

Microsoft Word - Fluency Rubric.doc and fluency behavior checklist.docx


NDEC Rubric for Oral English Language Fluency

NATIONAL DATA EVALUATION CENTER User's Manual April 2005 NDEC Rubric for Oral English Language Fluency The Ohio State University College of Education School of Teaching and Learning Reading Recovery® NDEC 2005-09


Six Dimensions Fluency Rubric

Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System 1 Six Dimensions Fluency Rubric 1. ... Stress Stress refers to the emphasis readers place on particular words (louder tone) to refl ect the meaning as speakers would do in oral language. ...


Best Practices in Reading Fluency Anne C. Chambers Concordia ...

During the study the researcher kept a reflection journal with anecdotal notes describing the fluency group lessons and results (found in Appendix F). The study began with the researcher explaining the oral reading fluency rubric to the group.



Kathy Hitt 11/00 FLUENCY RUBRIC 4 3 2 1 Smoothness Natural speaking rate Recognizes punctuation Some hesitation or repetitions Recognizes punctuation ... half of appropriate grade range for time of year (see below) Below appropriate grade range for time of year (see below) ORAL READING FLUENCY GUIDELINES ...



You will probably find it easier to get an accurate score if you record it immediately after the student's oral reading or after listening to the tape recording. FLUENCY SCORING RUBRIC* 4 = Reads primarily in larger, meaningful phrases.


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