Oil Interchange Chart

Oil Filter Cross-Reference Table

Oil Filter Cross-Reference Table. Oil Filter Cross-Reference Table CM Oil Filter Specifications WIX Cross-Reference Chart NAPA Cross-Reference Chart Purolator Cross-Reference Chart FRAM Cross-Reference Chart Engine Model Thread O-Ring Dia. Length 4 1/4" Length 6 1/4" WIX No. CM No. WIX No. CM No ...


Lubrication Cross Reference Chart

CDS Lubrication Supplier Cross Reference Chart March, 2010 Lubrication Cross Reference Chart ISO /UNI: CC320 Class: C ... BP ENERGOL GR-XP320 Castrol ALPHA SP 320 Valvoline NL GEAR COMPOND 320 Mobil MOBILGEAR 600 XP 320 Shell OMALA OIL 320 *Notes: ...


Transmission Fluid Chart

usa and canada oil and transmission fluid part number interchange


Transmission Interchange Section Header Descriptions

5 Transmission Interchange Section Header Descriptions T r ansmission Interchange Transmission Interchange Section Header Descriptions Before continuing into the main interchange section of this catalog, ... Please see the Options Chart to determine whether an integral oil pump is present.


2010-2011 April VisaMasterCardUS030810 FINAL

Visa does not consider heating oil and propane eligible for the Utility rate. ... 2010-2011 US QUALIFICATION AND INTERCHANGE CHART Pa ge 19 AS OF 03/08/10 VAM MA STERCARD CONSUMER RATES ...


A Reference Guide for the Burner Service Technician

A Reference Guide for the Burner Service Technician The complete oil heating system begins at the tank and ends at the chimney. ... 80°B Aero Burner R.W. Beckett The Carlin Co. Riello Burners Intertherm Wayne Home Equipment Weil-Mclain Nozzle Interchange Chart Spray Angles 30°through 90 ...


Delavan Precision Oil Burner Nozzles

Delavan PRECISION OIL BURNER NOZZLES 5 A Red Vial B Blue Vial W Green Vial AR-D Light Grey Vial R-D Dark Grey Vial MH Orange Vial A Black Vial B Yellow Vial SS Powder Blue Vial. ... Delavan PRECISION OIL BURNER NOZZLES 7 Nozzle Interchange Chart Spray Angles 30 0 through 90 0 HAGO/SID HARVEY DELA VAN HA SS (up to 2.0) ...


SKF Hubcap interchange reference chart

*SKF*TF/Zytel* Stemco* National*Oil*Dual*Dynamics Sentinel *Oil*Grease*Application* Oil* Oil*Grease*Oil*Grease*SKF*Steel 1282 2 1284 2 Pro-Par Trailer 343-4075 348-4075 349-4075 HU-075A 276-P 275-G 1600 Trailer/Hubo 347-4009 1601 Trailer/Hubo 347-4013 1608 1 Steer 340-4065 343-4065 HU-065A 1612 ...


New thick Catalog

"Oil Burner Nozzle Interchange Card" ... Specify P/N 33769 - (see nozzle capacity chart for dash number corresponding to flow and spray angle desired).


Grease Compatibility — To Be or Not To Be!

The generic chart in Table 1 is common within industry and reflects the compatibility result trends related solely to structural stability of the ... the likelihood is HIGH that significant hardening or softening of the grease mixture or oil separation would result after a short time in the ...


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