Ohmeda Biliblanket Manual

Operation Manual

Operation Manual


BiliBlanket Plus

APR 62004 Ohmeda Medical BiliBlanket Plus Hiffh Output (67.5 AW/cm 2 /nm max) Phototherapy System (modified) 510(k) Summary Submitter Information Albcrto F. Profumo, RAC ... Disposable covers for the light emitting pad are available and instructions for their use are provided in the manual. BiliBlanket Plus High Output 510(k ...


BiliBlanket® Plus High Output Phototherapy System

In addition to the BiliBlanket ® Plus High Output Phototherapy System, Ohmeda Medical offers a full line of advanced phototherapy products and accessories designed for the effective treatment of infant jaundice, including: Your Solution for Total Jaundice Management Ohmeda Medical 8880 Gorman Road Laurel ...


Giraffe Spot PT Lite™ Phototherapy System Operation ...

Using the BiliBlanket Meter, measure the light at the 5 points indicated on ... MAINTENANCE MANUAL FOR COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS. Use only Ohmeda Medical replacement bulb part number


User Manual

Note : The light has been calibrated with the Ohmeda BiliBlanket® Meter II to deliver a peak intensity of 30-35 µW/cm 2 /nm at a 12 inch (30.5 cm) distance from the baby. Please refer to section 9 of this manual or Tech Note, PN 051124 for information on other meters. 6.3 Cleaning Warning!


Operating Instructions

... device.*If*additional*surface*area*coverage*is*required,*neoBLUE*overhead*lights*may*be*used*in*conjunction*with*the*neoBLUE*cozy*device. neoBLUE L ight i ntEnSity o UtPUt c onvErSion c hart The*light*intensity*output*of*the*neoBLUE*device*is*measured*at*Natus*prior*to*shipment*with*the*Ohmeda*BiliBlanket ® ...


of Datex-Ohnieda- BiliBlanket Plus High

... phototherapy System is substantially equivalent to the following, legally marketed products: - Ohmieda Medical, a division of Datex-Ohnieda- BiliBlanket Plus ... Cleaning and disinfecting instructions can be found in the Operation and Maintenance Manual. 6


Hospital i

• If you have additional questions, please refer to your user manual. • For service information, please refer to your service manual. BiliBlanket is a registered trademark of Ohmeda Medical.


Neonatal Phototherapy

CONTENTS Page Introduction 2 Summaries Ohmeda BiliBlanket Plus 3 Medela BiliBed 4 User assessment 5 Technical evaluation 9 Manufacturers' comments 11 Appendices 1. ... There is a combined operating and service manual available. Price ex VAT £2,000 includes 1 transilluminator 5 disposable vests 10 disposable covers 1 ...


The Wallaby? 3 Phototherapy System

About this Manual About this Manual This manual is written for the medical equipment dealer and describes how to operate, maintain, and service the Wallaby 3 Phototherapy System.


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