Oedipus and the Oedipal

Kilborne, p. 1 10/10/09 Oedipus and the Oedipal Oedipus and the Oedipal. American Journal of Psychoanalysis 63(4), 2003 Benjamin Kilborne It is often assumed that a psychoanalytic concept like Oedipal conflict or Oedipal guilt is somehow self-evident and needs no further explanation.


Oedipal aspirations and phallic fears: on fetishism in ...

Oedipal aspirations and phallic fears: on fetishism in childhood and young adulthood A NN H ORNE London Abstract Themain theoretical position on fetishism remains that outlined by Freud, the splitting of the ego and castration anxiety being central to the establishment of the fetish.


Beyond the Oedipus Complex: Mothers and Daughters

Schafer (1974) notes that the use of the terms "pre-Oedipal" and "pregenital" to name early phases betrays a bias which "anchors the roots of personality to Oedipal issues."



Freud ignored this part of the Oedipal tragedy, focussed as he was on the boy's sexual rivalry for the mother and his fear of father's wrath.


Humanities and Social Sciences/Literature

The red room: the beginning of Oedipal dynamics Jane's initial situation at Gateshead is one of deprivation, and her rebellion against her unjust treatment by John Reed leads to her punishment ...


"An Oedipus for Our Time" On the Un-Discipline of Historical ...

From an Oedipal perspective, historical representation is not an immovable edifice, nor a set of facts to be acquired; it is rather a relational concept animated by and radically vulnerable to conflicts between identity and generation, ...


A Brief Outline of Psychoanalytic Theory

The appearance of the father in the Oedipal stage opens the child up to sexual difference (denoted by the phallus) and initiates the construction of the unconscious, ...


Erotic Terror: Male Patients' Horror of the Early Maternal ...

All these pre-oedipal, sensual bodily feelings are more diffuse than the later more organized and genitally focussed oedipal erotic feelings, although the later are constructed from and subsume these early primitive erotic feelings.


Discussion Questions: Bettelheim, Jones, and Kolbenschlag "A ...

How does Jones describe the role or function of Oedipal conflicts in fairy tales? How does this discussion and interpretation of these Oedipal conflicts differ from Bettelheim's?


Oedipal Complexities in Cormac McCarthy's The Stonemason and ...

The Cormac McCarthy Journal 12 Oedipal Complexities in Cormac McCarthy's The Stonemason and The Gardener's Son J. Douglas Canfield E dwin T. Arnold writes concerning Cormac McCarthy's stage play, The Stonemason, "Fathers and sons play an essential role in almost every McCarthy work, but nowhere ...


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