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Network Administrator Responsible for managing Tier-3 Help Desk Support staff as well as provide expertise in relation to Exchange 2003/Active Directory support issues.


MRDDA Case Study

obverse www.obverse.net The District of Columbia Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Administration Industry Government Solution Highlights Manage the day-to-day needs and services of the consumer.



OBVERSE The 2011 Natura coin series features “Nature's Families” and depicts the popular Meerkat Family. The common obverse of this series shows part of a family in their typical


AYearinTransition - Steve M. Tompkins For the United States ...

Four obverse and five reverse dies were employed in striking the seven known die marriages found with the 1831 date. When Kneass prepared the first few working dies, evidently it was not yet decided what style punches would be used for all of the peripheral elements such as the date for the obverse ...


Identification of Penicillium Penicillium

Colony color (obverse/reverse) Colony size Exudate Solublepigment • Micro-morphology: Branching pattern Shape phialide • Ehrlich test Colony colors and diameters in various Penicillium species - obverse


Sc India 7101 Kushan, silver obol Obverse, 1st C A.D.

Sc India 7101 Kushan, silver obol Obverse, 1st C A.D. Head of Heraios Skanda Collection ACSAA Slide(c)AAAUM Sc India 7102 Kushan, silver obol Reverse, 1st c A.D. Standing Soldier Skanda Collection ACSAA Slide(c)AAAUM Sc India 7103 Vima Kadphises,Gold Dinar, Obverse Half-length bust Skanda ...


Ways to Diversify a Carson City Trade Dollar Collection ...

I got it as Lot 916 in the ANR sale of the Lake Michigan and Springdale collections in June 2006. The obverse/reverse hub combination on the above-mentioned coin is a 2M/2M, with the 2M reverse most likely being from a


United States Coins of the 20th Century

The obverse design continues to be used today on American silver bullion coins (coins that are bought and sold for their intrinsic metal value). The obverse depicts Liberty dressed in an American flag and wearing a Phrygian slave's cap.


Key Systems Answer Book

CP HP CEP Multi-Section Keys JP EFP FP FGP EP LP Stainless Steel All-Section Key Cut at Factory Obverse Keyways for Classic Primus XP Cylinders Levels 1 Through 4



Caesar was assassinated within a few weeks of the minting of this coin. Obverse: head of Caesar Reverse: Venus 18.5 mm 2001.87.577 3 Silver denarius of Julius Caesar as Dictator perpetuo Rome, 44 b.c.


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