Nwea Score Chart

NWEA Achievement Level Tests

Northwest Evaluation (NWEA) ... Look for RIT scores at the top of each chart. ARIT score is a number between 160 and 260 on an equal-interval scale which measures your child's growth in reading and mathematics second grade through eighth grade.


 2006­FALL ...

The first chart provides a five-year view of student reading performance by grade level. ... Perhaps an even more impressive statistic is the percentage of students who score at the 90 th percentile or above on the MAP reading test. ... NWEA/MAP MEAN RIT READING ...


MAP For Primary Grade RIT Scale Norms

Microsoft Word - K-5 Correlation Chart 08-09finalb.docx. Elementary School 2009-2010 School Year MAP For Primary Grade RIT Scale Norms ** These scores are aligned to the RIT Scale Norms for Early Primary Grades from NWEA (no CST data for K-1) Grade Level/Test PUSD Median Scores Spring RIT Score ...


Interpretation of Data

Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) The NWEA is an assessment that gives a child the chance for success, ... Analysis of Data To find out where the students reading level is according to the NWEA the assessor must look at the RIT score. The student's scores are in the chart below.


Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA)

Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Goal Score Translation Chart This chart is useful in translating the high, average, and low goal scores for the NWEA class report.


Comparative Data to Inform Instructional Decisions

• Staffing and resourcing. for each chart below: ... oR 97035-3256 teL 503.624.1951 FaX 503.639.7873 WWW.nWea.oRg A student score at or above the following scores on a 6+ Mathematics Survey with Goals test suggests student readiness for: ...


Proficiency Levels Vary Across States, Subjects, and Grades

From the tables, we can see that a 6 th student with a cut score of 221 on the NWEA reading assessment instrument, for example, would exceed the proficiency levels set in California and Montana but not in South Carolina.


A Guide to Your Child's NWEA Report

A Guide to Your Child's NWEA Report Fall 2007 What are the NWEA MAP tests? ... A child in the 70 th percentile achieved a score equal to or higher than 70% of students in this national sample.


MAP Goal Score Translation Chart

HILOAV.xls. MAP Goal Score Translation Chart Mathematics Fall Winter Spring Grade Level LO AV HI LO AV HI LO AV HI K <144 144-152 >152 <147 147-157 >157 <152 152-163 >163 1 <158 158-169 >169 <165 165-175 >175 <172 172-183 >183 2 <174 174-183 >183 <181 181-191 >191 <185 185-196 >196 3 <187 187 ...


90 NWEA RIT Scale Norms

90 NWEA RIT Scale Norms © Northwest Evaluation Association, ... 97 98 208 221 232 243 250 257 262 265 268 98 99 211 224 236 246 254 260 266 268 272 99 Northwest Evaluation Association Winter MATHEMATICS RIT Score to Percentile Rank Conversion ...


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