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530.050 Nonsupport and flagrant nonsupport.

530.050 Nonsupport and flagrant nonsupport. (1) A person is guilty of nonsupport: (a) When he persistently fails to provide support which he can reasonably provide and which he knows he has a duty to provide to a minor or to a child adjudged mentally disabled, indigent spouse or indigent parent ...


A 4 criminal nonsupport court shall combine judicial supervision, 5 substance abuse treatment, education including general education 6 development certificate (GED) programs, vocational or employment 7 training, work programs, and support payment plans for criminal 8 nonsupport court participants.

RE: SCAO Administrative Memorandum 2008-03

SCAO Administrative Memorandum 2008-03 Felony Nonsupport Referral and Processing Policy Date: March 18, 2008 Page 6 The statute also provides that the court handling the criminal case must notify any court that has issued a civil bench warrant (in the same support dispute) under the Support and Parenting ...


C RIMINAL LAW — APPLICABI LITY OF STATUTE IN EFFECT ON DATE OF CRIME — PRE-1997 VERSION OF CRIMINAL NONSUPPORT STATUTE GOVERNED. — A sentence must be in accordance with the statutes in effect on the date of the crime; here, the nonsupport statute under which appellant was charged, Ark. Code Ann ...

Ohio Legislative Service Commission - Sub. H.B. 86

Sentencing for nonsupport of dependents Provides that, if the offense of "nonsupport of dependents" is based on an abandonment of or failure to support a child, spouse, or aged or infirm parent or a person to whom a court order requires support and is a felony, the sentencing court ...

Maurice Porter v. State of Indiana

2 Case Summary Appellant-Defendant Maurice Porter ("Porter") appeals his convictions on two counts of Class C felony Nonsupport of a Dependent Child. 1 We affirm in part, reverse in part, and remand with instructions.

Commonwealth of Kentucky Court of Appeals

BEFORE: NICKELL, STUMBO, AND WINE, JUDGES. STUMBO, JUDGE: In this consolidated proceeding, Aubrey Waynard Baker appeals from two criminal judgments of the Webster Circuit Court each reflecting a jury verdict of guilty on one count of flagrant nonsupport.

State v. Truitt

Jury indicted appellant on one count of nonsupport of dependents, alleging that appellant failed to provide support for his minor child "for a total accumulated period of twenty-six


Name (Last, First, MI) Rank/Grade Date of Counseling Organization Name and Title of Counselor Purpose of Counseling: (Leader states the reason for the counseling, e.g. Performance/Professional or Event-Oriented counseling, and includes

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