Niels Bohr: Politics, Popularization

Niels Bohr: Politics, Popularization and People A booklet on the occasion of the World Year of Physics Prepared by Finn Aaserud, General Editor of the Niels Bohr Collected Works

Niels Bohr

Record: 1 Niels Bohr Background Twentieth century Danish physicist Niels Bohr received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922 for his work on creating a model of atomic structure.

The Niels Hansen Family

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Niels Bohr Professorship Program

The Danish National Research Foundation was established in 1991 as an independent organization with the objective to strengthen Danish research within all disciplines.

Niels Abel

Niels Abel In his brief life Norwegian mathematician Niels Henrik Abel (August 5, 1802 - April 6, 1829) proved that the general equation of the fifth degree ("the quintic') is not solvable by algebraic means.

Niels-Peter Hoj Education

Niels-Peter Hoj Education Diploma in (M.Sc.) in Structural Engineering from the Institute of Structural Engineering at Aalborg University, Denmark.


In 1912, Bohr married Margrethe Nørlund , however, he postponed his honeymoon a week to finish his paper on the atom. The Bohrs marriage was remarkable not only because of Margrethe's patience with Niels' passion for physics, but also because of her own intelligence and interest.

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Niels Bohr's Philosophy of Quantum

Niels Bohr's Philosophy of Quantum Physics Steen Brock Introductory remarks at the defence for the Philosophical doctorial degree. Regarding the dissertation: Niels Bohr´s Philosophy of Quantum Physics.

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