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Getting to Newcastle Road: The main access from Sydney is via the F3 Freeway. The journey takes approximately two hours. Take the Newcastle exit and this will take you all the way into the CBD.

Bachelor of Medicine Joint Medical Program 2012

2 The Joint Medical Program (JMP) The University of Newcastle and the University of New England jointly offer the Bachelor of Medicine (BMed) as a five-year undergraduate degree.

Newcastle Community Association P.O. Box 777, Newcastle, CA ...

Newcastle Community Association P.O. Box 777, Newcastle, CA 95658 [email protected] Next Board Meeting: 08/22/10 Annual NCA Picnic at Ida Granata‚Äôs 9071 Ridge Road - 3:00 pm until?

Newcastle JSNA: Refugees and Asylum Seekers December 2008

1 Newcastle JSNA: Refugees and Asylum Seekers December 2008 'Where are we now? ' Facts and Figures It is essential that we understand the needs of refugees and asylum seekers in context of the different circumstances and legal statuses that determine their entitlements.


3 INTRODUCTION Full Service and Extended Schools The Government and the Department for Education and Skills (DFES) have made a clear commitment to the creation of full service and extended schools.

Milgro Greenhouses, Newcastle, Utah

MILGRO GREENHOUSES NEWCASTLE, UTAH Jon Allred Utah Energy Office Salt Lake City, UT Figure 1. Milgro greenhouses. INTRODUCTION Milgro greenhouses in Newcastle, Utah may be among the most successful commercial application of geothermal water for space heating in the United States.

Milgro-Newcastle Greenhouses - Newcastle, Utah

MILGRO-NEWCASTLE GREENHOUSES NEWCASTLE, UTAH LOCATION The Milgro facility is located just west of the town of Newcastle, UT, approximately 37 miles west of Cedar City in

DRAFT - for public consultation

1 THE NEWCASTLE CLIMATE CHANGE DECLARATION Newcastle City Council resolves to reaffirm its commitment to tackle climate change and work with residents and partners to reduce the city's carbon emissions by 34% (from 1990 levels) by 2020.

Newcastle JSNA: Substance Misuse and Young people

1 Newcastle JSNA: Substance Misuse and Young people What do we know? Overview The majority of the information contained in this assessment has been sourced from the Young People's Drug & Alcohol Services Local Needs Assessment Newcastle upon Tyne December 2007.


WALKERGATE PRIMARY SCHOOL Sutton Street, Walkergate, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. NE6 4SD. Telephone 0191 265 5737. Fax 0191 265 0580. E-mail: [email protected] Dear Parent/ Guardian Theschool is excited to announce the continued success of our Virtual Learning and Teaching Platform ...

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