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NeisVac-C® Vaccine

All Rights Reserved ® NeisVac-C is a trademark of Baxter International Inc., used under license by GlaxoSmithKline Inc. Last revised: January 21, 2009

NeisVac-C Vaccine

Name and address of the sponsor NeisVac-C vaccine is manufactured by: BioScience Division Baxter Healthcare Corporation Beltsville, Maryland, USA. Distributed in Australia by: Baxter Healthcare Pty Ltd ABN 43 000 392 781 1 Baxter Drive Toongabbie NSW 2146, Sydney The last CMI revision: March 2006

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Baxter provides vaccines for meningitis C, tick-borne encephalitis, and ... NEISVAC-C† VACCINE


Booster doses It is recommended that a booster dose should be given after completion of the primary immunisation series in infants. The timing of this dose should be in accordance with 1 NeisVac-C is a trademark of Baxter International Inc.

Patient Group Direction for the administration of ...

NeisVac-C ® (Baxter Healthcare Ltd) is a suspension for injection in a 0.5mL pre-filled syringe. The vaccine should be well shaken before use in order to obtain a homogenous suspension.

Report of the Committee on Safety of Medicines Expert Working ...

Subsequently immunisation with Meningitis C vaccines became part of the routine infant immunisation programme, being given at ages two, three and four months. 1.2 Licensing of Meningitis C Vaccines Three vaccines were used in the campaign : Meningitec (Wyeth), Menjugate (Chiron) and Neisvac-C (Baxter).

Interim guidelines for immunisation providers

These interim recommendations relate only to the Meningococcal C conjugate vaccines (MenCCV), specifically Meningitec (Wyeth), Menjugate (CSL Vaccines/Chiron) and NeisVac-C (Baxter Healthcare).

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NeisVac-C® (Baxter) Summary of Product Characteristics last updated: 21/01/2009 pdf

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Neisseriameningitidis Capsular Neisseriameningitidis Capsular Polysaccharide-Conjugate Vaccine Polysaccharide-Conjugate Vaccine Meningitec® : Wyeth Meningitec®: Wyeth Menjugate® : Chiron Menjugate®: Chiron NeisVac NeisVac-C®-C®: Baxter Protein-CPS conjugate vaccines are currently Protein-CPS ...

Meningococcal disease - Fact sheet - NCIRS - PDF

Meningococcal C conjugate vaccines 5 Meningitec - Wyeth Australia Pty Ltd: meningococcal serogroup C-CRM 197 conjugate vaccine Menjugate syringe - CSL Biotherapies/Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics: meningococcal serogroup C-CRM 197 conjugate vaccine NeisVac-C - Baxter Healthcare: meningococcal serogroup C ...

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