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Use the averaged measurement to select a part number from the size chart provided. To order National industrial seals, ... NATIONAL SEAL PART NUMBERING SYSTEM The National Oil Seal Engineering Department assigns the part numbers for all general purpose and special purpose seals.

Oil Seal Conversion Chart Waterous vs. Manufacturer

... 1886 Subsidiary of American Cast Iron Pipe Company Document Number F-2131 Issue Date 07/12/94 Rev. Date 03/19/08 Oil Seal Conversion Chart ... 53X2921 SPerfect Oil Seal 49966 5.000 6.250.500 V 1007-P 49990 Polyacrylate compound 427625 5.000 6.250.500 V 1075 13737 S National 450480 1.375 1.832.4375 ...

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Shaft Seal Features.....3 Seal Numbering System ... National.....51-57 NOK ... Seal size restrictions

National® Oil Bath Seals

Proper seal fit can be verified by placing the seal on the spindle shoulder and checking the interference fit. ... 6 8 9 7 6 8 9 7 A B A B C C National ...

Pipe Thread Types and Designations

... best known and most widely used connection where the pipe thread provides both the mechanical joint and the hydraulic seal is the American National Pipe Tapered Thread, or NPT. ... American Standard Taper Pipe External Thread Nominal size Actual OD Threads Length of engagement Length of per inch ...

Shaft Seals

1 Seal Profiles DMR TM Cross Reference / Interchange Table DMR ™ BS CS B A C AS National 47 41 48 35 45 32 A Series The rubber elastomer outer covering ... S13722550BS S 137 225 50 BS Inch Size S = Inch Shaft Size 1.375" Bore Size 2.250" Seal Width 0 .500" Profile BS. 2 National Interchange DMR TM ...

Link-Seal® Modular Seal Sizing Charts for Standard Pipe

sel_guide 2-6-08.qxp. How to Order: Using the Provided Sizing Charts 1. Locate charts on pages 5-7 that corresponds to the type and size pipe being used.


Oil Seal NBR-FPM.xls. MARYLAND METRICS email: NBR & FPM (Viton) oilseal size listing Other sizes are also available but are not included in this listing.

Selecting a replacement Mechanical Seal

The "seal material recommendation chart" included with this tutorial can be used to select a suitable group of materials and in some cases it may even work better than the original seal. ... Drawing Codes D1 Shaft Size D2 Seal Head O.D. D3 Counterbore or Seat O.D. L1 Seal Head Operation Height ...

Oil Seal Dimensions

Table 9 I.D. x O.D. x Width (Unit: mm) 20 Oil Seal Dimensions 1. For slow-speed shaft SIZE SOLID SHAFTHOLLOW SHAFT 8015 70 x 90 x 12 80 x 100 x 12 8025 80 x 100 x 12 90 x 110 x 13 8035 90 x 110 x 13105 x 130 x 13 8045 115 x 140 x 15130 x 160 x 14 8055 130 x 160 x 14140 x 170 x 14 8065 130 x 160 ...

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