In-The-Hoop Napkin Rings and Hemmed Napkin

Continued on page 2 In-The-Hoop Napkin Rings and Hemmed Napkin Set the tone for your dinner party while making guests feel extra special—create beautiful designer Napkin Rings completely in your embroidery machine hoop with no extra sewing required!

Fabric Napkins

Size Wise Napkin sizes vary depending on the use, from 10" square for cocktail and beverage size to a generous 22" dinner size. Here are some suggested sizes, but use your own judgment depending on your family's preferences.

Great ideas can start on a napkin.

PAGE 4 HDNAPKIN.COM The High Definition Napkin allows the CMYK process to be reproduced onto tissue without compromising the integrity of the image being printed.

Napkin 2.0 - The High Definition Napkin

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Napkin 2.0 - The High Definition Napkin BETHESDA, Md., September 20, 2007 - JI Worldwide, Inc., a guerrilla marketing company that relies on innovation to reach target audiences, announced today the launch of its High Definition napkin-based advertising program that ...

EASTER The Folded Napkin

The Folded Napkin: An Easter Lesson A Powerful Lesson in a Small Detail John 20:1-9 EASTER The Folded Napkin

92. Sanitary Napkin

92-2 table of contents page i. summary 92-3 ii. product description & application 92-3 iii. market study and plant capacity 92-4 a. market study 92-4

Six Napkin Folding Ideas

Six Napkin Folding Ideas Materials and Technique Four Feathers Crease the napkin with the iron along both of its bias lines. Fold the first corner from tip to center to make a 45-degree angle.

partitiOn-mOunted sanitary napkin dispOsal

continued . . . The illustrations and descriptions herein are applicable to production as of the date of this Technical Data Sheet. Revised 5/06 Printed in U.S.A.

everage Napkins

Other Hoffmaster ® items suggested for your restaurant needs: Beverage Napkins Coasters Dinner Napkins Wrap'nRoll ® Placemats Napkin Bands Doilies Classy Kid ® 4 - 1-800-327-9774 Custom Print Options - Product Portfolio Page 68 R estaurant

• Customized to run your silverware and napkins

• Customized to run your silverware and napkins • Programmable to wrap 2, 3 or 4 pieces of silverware in any combination. • One label wrap, pre-printed with self adhesive, placed around each rolled napkin with silverware.

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