470.1 - IMACS Classification : (NH) Nails - hand forged

470 - Nails (Page 1) IMACS USER'S GUIDE / August 2001 470 - NAILS 470.1 - IMACS Classification : (NH) Nails - hand forged (NC) Nails - cut (square) (NW) Nails - wire/round These divisions are based upon manufacturing techniques. 470.2 - Classification Descriptions : 1) Hand forged (wrought) ...


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Remove hands from UV light, spray and wipe nails with Gel Cleanser, making sure to remove any gel residue from nails. f. Repeat this process on the other hand. Leave nails looking natural or simply polish nails with nail polish.

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ingernails and toenails are there for two reasons

Cross-section of fingernail] shoWing nail matrix where the nail is made 166 L0 0 kYour Be st Nails are actually an integral part of the skin. The nail itself is made of


The following is a summary of the advanced nail procedures required: ▸ Tips will be applied to any three nails of the hand receiving the dry manicure: • two nails with tips will receive a silk and a fiberglass wrap • one nail with tip will receive an acrylic overlay ▸ The remaining natural nail of ...


108 Nails MARK HOLZBERG 536 Step 1: Examine the nail folds for abnormalities in color and shape. Step 2: Examine the lunula for abnormalities in color and shape.

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career information Never before has there been such an interest in nails, so now is the time to become part of this exciting and rapidly expanding industry.

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