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PRODUCT INFORMATION DURAGAUGE ® PRESSURE GAUGES Page: DU/PI-63C Date: May 16, 2001 Pressure Gauges & Seals for Sour Gas Service Meeting NACE MR-01-75 This replaces DU/PI-63B dated 6/20/97 and has been revised to reflect changes to Ashcroft ® gauges and seals meeting NACE MR-01-75.


NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) Standard MR-01-75: (1) Anumber of outside screw and yoke (OS&Y) and inside screw (ISS) valves utilizing

100mm Stainless Steel Internal Gauge

Features Liquid-Filled or Dry Adjustable Micrometer Pointer Ranges to 20,000 psi Safety Glass Window Description Marsh NACE Compliant Stainless Steel gauges are built for extended life in harsh and corrosive Sour Gas environments.


In the late 1990's, the NACE T-1F-1 task group, now called Task Group (TG) 081, began working on a complete rewrite of MR0175 that included a number of fundamental changes.

bourdon tube "solid-front" pressure gauges NACE MR 01.75 ...

-1-MGS61 PED 97/23/CE ISO 9001 : 2000 Cert. nr. 0433/3 bourdon tube "solid-front" pressure gauges NACE MR 01.75 / ISO 15156 version turret case - DS 4.5" (125mm) 1.61.2 - Fillable Model Design: ASME B40.1 Ranges: from -30...0 INHG to 0…6000 psi (from -1...0 to 0...400 bar or equivalent units).

NACE reprint (Don Bush)

2 VALVE MAGAZINE MR0175 NACE and the Valve Industry Valve producers are often required to supply valves in materials that meet NACE Standard MR0175, Sulfide Stress Cracking Resistant Met allic Materials for Oilfield Equipment.

Introduction to NACE standard MR0103

November 2004 Full contents Introduction to NACE standard MR0103 Use these materials to reduce sulfide stress cracking in corrosive refinery environments Many process streams in petroleum refineries contain enough H 2 S to cause sulfide stress cracking (SSC) in susceptible materials.

API-6A - MCM OILTOOLS Cameron Style ‘FC’ Gate Valve ...

THE FC ADVANTAGE As defined by NACE Standards MR-01-75 Notes: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Special trims are available upon request.

Flow-511 Model 1195 Model 1195 Integral Orifice Product Data ...

Remote Adapters–316 SST Remote Adapters– Hastelloy C ASTM A193GradeB7M Bolts (NACE) ASTM A193GradeB8Type304Bolts(304SST) Wetted Materials per NACE MR 01-75(90) Cleaning for Special Service Q58 Material Traceability per EN 10204 3.1B Special Bore (Include Option Code B if Rosemount Inc. is to ...

CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMANCE Certification to NACE MR0175: 2002 ...

PRECISION AND QUALITY FOR HALF A CENTURY REO TEMP Instrument Corp. 10656 Roselle Street San Diego, CA 92121 Phone: (800) 648-7737 FAX: (858) 784-0720 Email: reotemp@reotemp. com CCON-NACE-2002 SAMPLE.doc CUSTOMER ORDER NO: DATE SHIPPED: QUANTITY SHIPPED: REOTEMP SALES ORDER NO: REOTEMP PART NO ...

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