Crash During Empire

NTSB/AAR-11/02 PB2011-910402 Notation 8093A Adopted April 26, 2011 Aircraft Accident Report Crash During Approach to Landing Empire Airlines Flight 8284 Avions de Transport Régional Aerospatiale Alenia ATR 42-320, N902FX Lubbock, Texas January 27, 2009 National Transportation Safety Board 490 L ...


National Transportation Safety Board - Aircraft Accident ...

National Transportation Safety Board - Aircraft Accident/Incident Database Accident Rpt# CEN09MA142 Regis# N902FX Lubbock, TX01/27/2009 437 CST


mstockstill on DSKH9S0YB1PROD with NOTICES

ATR 42 320, N902FX, Lubbock, Texas, January 27, 2009. NEWS MEDIA CONTACT: Telephone: (202) 314–6100. The press and public may enter the NTSB Conference Center one hour prior


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