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Steps to activate your MyPima account:

Steps to activate your MyPima account: open Internet Explorer type in Address box, press Enter key click on MyPima button click on Activate your account link Although some users may be allowed to login to MyPima without activating their account, features including single sign ...

MyPima E-Mail Assignment Instructions:

Remember! Check your MyPima E-mail account WEEKLY! Your instructor may email important class information! ...

Pima Community College Financial Aid Office

After you accept your loans on your MyPima account, you will be required to complete entrance counseling. Entrance counseling gives you important information about borrowing and repaying your student loans.

Pima Community College New Student Orientation

Activate your MyPima Account • Go to the PCC homepage: • Click “MyPima LOGIN ” (right side of screen) • Click on “Activate your account ...

Pima County Community College Downtown Campus

Please visit the web page regularly throughout the semester and also check your MyPima email account weekly in case I need to inform you of an corrections or updates to the class information.

HIS 150 African American History and People Fall 2009 - East ...

When corresponding with students, I will only use the MyPima account. Students may need to contact our computer center to help them with their account.

Pima Community College - Biology 202IN Human Anatomy and ...

or send the message again using your MyPima account. Emails will usually be answered within a 24-48 hour period, excluding holidays and weekends (Sat/Sun).

Your MyPMI Portal comes with all these great features!

Step 2: Click Create a New Account . MyPMI Portal Your MyPMI Portal comes with all these great features! Revised 06/09/09 Step 3: Fill out the New Account Creation form.

Your MyPMI Mail comes with all these great features!

How to Log In •7Gb of inbox storage •Keep your account for life •No advertisements •Use your MyPMI Mail to save up to 90% on Microsoft Office 2007 How to Forward MyPMI Mail to Another Account Step 1: Click on Settings in the upper RIGHT-hand corner of the screen.

Pima Community College Downtown Campus

Students who wish to check grades may use the grade report which they can access through MyPima. ... allow another person to use one's account name, username or password unless specifically authorized to do so by a College administrator.

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