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... fresh thyme two eggs, bacon, buttermilk biscuit, and lemon butter sauce 21 Poached Eggs Dungeness* fresh Dungeness crab, red and yellow bell peppers, tarragon, two poached eggs, grilled asparagus, sauce béarnaise, on toasted brioche with a side of breakfast potatoes 24 Cereals Northwest House Mixed Museli a ...


Bircher museli – Raspberry, blackcurrant & blueberry £1.75 Blueberry & mango yoghurt pot £2.50 BAGELS Free range egg mayonnaise & vine tomatoes £2.50

Foods for People with Autism Spectrum Disorders/Asperger’s ... . Milks for dairy intolerant people: Pure Harvest Organic Malt Free/Gluten Free Rice . Milk or Soy milk is available from Safeway (Woolworths), Coles, Maxi Foods, and

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Monday Breakfast: Porridge oats or homemade Museli (no added sugar) with half a grapefruit Snack: Mixed toasted seeds Lunch: Minestrone soup (wholemeal pasta hoops); Smoked salmon or cottage cheese on crackers with low fat philly; mixed green leaves; cherry tomatoes and homemade low fat dressing.

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Lyle's Museli Flaxseed Meal COUGH [INCLUDING CROUP] Lyle's Asthmasan Aconite 30 (occurring during night, thirsty, restless) Spongia Tosta 30 (cough sounding like a seal) Hepar Sulph. 30 (follows spongia when cough becomes loose) Bryonia 30 (dry deep cough with thirst, no expectoration) Coccus Cacti 30 ...

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Daniel Fast Breakfast - Muesli Originally developed in the late 1800′s by Swiss nutritionists, museli is a delightful cereal made of whole grains, dried fruits, nuts and seeds.

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... to Avoid Grains (Cooked Until Tender) Oats Amaranth Bread with Yeast Quinoa Pasta Buckwheat Rice (all kinds) Polenta Cereals (Cold, Dry or Puffed) Seitan Cous-Cous Barley Sprouted Wheat Bread (Essence) Rice Cakes Corn Wheat Crackers Durham Flour (Indian Wheat Flour) Granola Pancakes Millet Museli ...

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This Swiss museli with fresh fruit(from Marianne's family recipe!) is nothing like the dry product sold in breakfast cereal packets! Please choose from ONE of the following sections: All served with toast & spreads; tea or coffee Either: FULL ENGLISH OR: CONTINENTAL sausage fresh roll vegetarian sausage ham ...

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Home made low fat museli can be served with skimmed milk or fruit juice. Fresh fruit or stewed dried fruit can also be added for variety. Homemade museli can be soaked overnight in fruit juice, and then served with milk,

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