78 • February 2009 Mules and More Being a breeder and trainer of mules I receive many questions during the year. One question I am asked a lot is, "Which mule is better, a john or molly?"


Mule's Are Better Mule Training Cowgirl Cooking R ide West! Trail Rides Lady Rhinestone The Pony Dispatch Conceal & Carry Cowboy Code Web Design Links Home by: Cindy K. (McKinnon) Roberts This has been an on going argument between horseman and mule person since the beginning time.

"What Should a Wild Mule's Foot looklike?"

The Mountain Canary Company Horse and Mule Packer's Information Bulletin #1

BUYING A USED MULE SADDLE Part Two O ver the last twenty-five ...

riding, roping and leading other mules and horses. I have found the seven-inch gullets on flex panel saddles to be the most versa tile fit on mules of any saddles I have rid

God Made Mules A-Purpose

Page 1 of 3 W God Made Mules A-Purpose By Harold O. Weight herever and whenever that unknown genius of transportation first teamed twenty mules together, it was not in Death Valley.

Understanding and Protecting Yourself Against Money Mule Schemes

© 2011 Carnegie Mellon University. Produced for US-CERT, a government organization. 1 Understanding and Protecting Yourself Against Money Mule Schemes Matthew DeSantis, Chad Dougherty, Mindi McDowell Money Mules Are Used to Commit Fraud "Money mules" are people who are used to transport and ...

Old souls

Deb and her husband, Jim, moved to Martin from Miami four years ago and established Lake Nowhere Mule and Donkey Farm, where they specialize in breeding mammoth jackstock and draft and riding mules.

An Introduction to Mule Sheep

An Introduction to Mule Sheep The Bluefaced Leicesters link to grass fed lamb Mark Lelli DVM INTRODUCTION: I maintain a flock of purebred Clun Forest and NCC ewes from which I raise Clun Mules and NCC Mules.

Training Mules and Donkeys

LUCKY THREE RANCH "A terrifi c series…" —Western Horseman Magazine AS SEEN ON RFDTV! Training Mules and Donkeys with Meredith Hodges as seen on RFD-TV!

Working Mules

O ver two consecutive springs several years ago, we experienced the birth of a mule on our place. The offspring of a jack (or male donkey) and a mare (or female horse), these gangly foals were at first so weak that they could not even hold up the gigantic ears they inherited from their father.

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