In the monocot stem, most of the space within the epidermis is filled with parenchyma (pith) cells . The vascular bundles are scattered throughout this area.

Dicot and Monocot Leaves

Dicot and Monocot Leaves Angiosperm leaves have many shapes and sizes (see Photographic Atlas of Plant Anatomy by Curtis, Lersten and Nowak, Leaf External Morphology - ).

Diversity and Evolution of Monocots

. . . what, where, when, how . . .. . . what, where, when, how . . . Diversity and Evolution Diversity and Evolution of Monocots of Monocots Monocots! Monocots!

Biology 102 Laboratory Exercise 3 Plant Anatomy

Distinguish the Monocot from the Dicot based on the arrangement of the vascular tissue 5. Identify the microscopic structures that constitute the root system of a Monocot and a Dicot. 6.

I. What tissue occupies the center of the stem?

Sec__Name: Experiment: Monocot&Dicot Stems (B. Science 10-P-22) Purpose: To study the structure of a woody dicot stem and a monocot stem, then to compare the structures of the monocot and dicot stems.


MONOCOT FLOWERS 1.a. Find examples of monocot plants in flower and fruit in the greenhouse, on campus, and on demonstration. Classify these plants as to the presence of complete or incomplete, perfect or imperfect, and actinomorphic or zygomorphic flowers.

Lab on Internal Structures of Monocot and Dicot Stems

Lab on Internal Structures of Monocot and Dicot Stems PURPOSE: To compare and contrast the internal organization of monocot and dicot stems. Hypothesis : none Variables : different prepared slides.

A. P. Biology Lab Plant Tissues and Organs

A. P. Biology Lab Plant Tissues and Organs Purpose : Compare and contrast the structures of monocot and dicot leaves. Materials : Prepared slides of Zea mays leaves (monocot), Lingustrum leaves (dicot), Zea stem (monocot), Helianthus stem (dicot), Zea root (monocot), Ranuculus root (dicot), live ...

Dicot/Monocot Root Anatomy

Dicot/Monocot Root Anatomy The figure shown below is a cross section of the herbaceous dicot root Ranunculus . The vascular tissue is in the very center of the root.

Leaf Structure Illustrations

- 1 - Leaf Structure Illustrations Dicot Leaf Structure Dicot Leaf, Syringa, Cross Section Monocot Leaf, Zea , Cross Section Monocot Leaf Structure

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