Mirna Therapeutics presents data at Keystone Symposium on ...

Contact: Matt Winkler, CEO 512.901-0900 [email protected] Mirna Therapeutics presents data at Keystone Symposium on MicroRNA and Cancer Systemic delivery of a mimic for miR-34 as a microRNA replacement therapy inhibits tumor growth and


MicroRNA Analysis of Archival FFPE Samples by Microarray

Abstract MicroRNAs (miRNAs) have diagnostic and prognostic potential for various diseases, most notably for cancer. Microarray-based hybridization has proven to be a powerful technique for miRNA profi ling.


Validating microRNA Targeting of Downregulated Breast Cancer ...

Influence most human protein-coding genes 1/3 mRNAs targeted by miRNAs miRNA Biogenesis Normal Breast Epithelial Cells SILAC NCode TM Direct Labeling & Microarray NCode TM qRT-PCR Validation miRNA knockdown experiments Breast Carcinoma Cells Data Analysis and Correlation miRNA Protein Cells propagated for at least 6 ...


MicroRNAs: Review of Discovery, Biogenesis, and Research Areas

Research Areas miRNA Profiling The identification and characterization of miRNAs is a rapidly growing area of research as miRNAs regulate a variety of processes such as development, cell proliferation and death, and have been recently linked to oncogenesis.[13-15] A typical approach to identifying miRNAs ...


Support Vector Machines for Predicting microRNA Hairpins

DIANA-microH implements a Support Vector Machine classifier trained on a set of structural and evolutionary features characteristic of miRNA hairpins.


MicroRNA Isolation and Analysis from Human Whole Blood

A Comparison of the microRNA Microarray Profile from Human Whole Blood with a 21 Human Tissue microRNA Reference Dataset Reveals Many microRNAs that are Highly Enriched in Blood miRNA ambi miR 7036 mmu miR 383 hsa miR 25 ambi miR 7070 hsa miR 126 AS hsa miR 200b ambi miR 7074 mmu miR 330 hsa miR 448 ambi miR 7083 ...


Human Apoptosis-Associated miRNA Array

Signosis BioSignal Capture Human Apoptosis-Associated miRNA Array Catalog Number AP-0004 (For Research Use Only) Introduction Apoptosis involves a series of biochemical events leading to a characteristic cell morphology and death, including changes to the cell membrane, cell shrinkage, nuclear ...


Custom miRNA Assay on the Luminex Platform - This protocol ...

3/1/2011 1 Custom miRNA Assay on the Luminex Platform This protocol briefly describes creation of a fully customized multiplexed miRNA profiling


MicroRNA Gene Expression Deregulation in Human Breast Cancer

Indeed, miRNA aberrant expression has been previously found in human chronic lymphocytic leukemias, where miRNA signatures were associated with specific clinicobiological features.


MicroRNA profiling of breast cancer tissue using an LNA-based ...

Approximately half of all human miRNA genes are localized in fragile chromosomal regions that are associated with various human cancers 2. Additionally, several miRNAs, referred to as 'oncomirs', can have a direct role in oncogenesis by acting as tumor suppressors and oncogenes 3.


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