Converting Liters and Milliliters Complete the tables below ...

Name: _____ Converting Liters and Milliliters Complete the tables below and answer the questions that follow. liters 1 9 milliliters 4,000 550,00 milliliters 5,000 30,000 liters 6 23 rule: multiply by 1,000 rule: divide by 1,000 a.

Capacity Questions: Milliliters and Liters 1.

Name: _____ Capacity Questions: Milliliters and Liters 1. Which of the following should not be measured in liters or milliliters?

equal to A) 30. mL x

Name: _____ 1) The pressure on 30. milliliters of an ideal gas increases from 101.3 kPa to 202.6 kPa at constant temperature.

Ch 4 Practice -- Stoichiometry AP Chemistry 2009-10

(a) When a 0.2800 gram sample of this limestone was decomposed by heating, 75.0 milliliters of CO 2 at 750 mm Hg and 20°C were evolved. How many grams of CO 2 were produced.

O 2) NaOH 4) NaCl 10. If 50. milliliters of a 1.0 M NaOH ...

1. The following data were collected by a student performing an acid-base titration: Volume of the acid, HCl = 20.0 ml Molarity of the acid = 0.50 M

Are You Thirsty?

Which is the better bargain, a bottle of water for 1 dollar, or a can of water for 75 cents? Explain. Beverage Capacity bottled water 0.5 liter juice box 250 milliliters juice bag 200 milliliters canned water 355 milliliters

Using a Metric Ruler

On a 250 mL graduated cylinder, each graduation is equal to (more, fewer) milliliters than on a 100 mL graduated cylinder. (circle the correct answer) .

Grade 4 supplement

Grade 4 supplement set d3 Measurement: Capacity in Metric Units Includes Activity 1: Estimate, Order & Measure: Milliliters & Liters D3.1 Activity 2: Which Container is Best?


First, you must convert 2 teaspoons into milliliters, and then you must convert from milliliters of Tylenol into milligrams of acetaminophen. Here is a setup that uses both conversion factors: € 2 teaspoons × 4.93 mL 1 teaspoon × 32 mg acetaminophen 1 mL = 315.52 mg of acetaminophen.


By combining 2 grams of Lidocaine with 1000 milliliters of D5W we can use the following Ratio: 2 g Lidocaine 1000 ml D5W We can now find how many milliliters of the Lidocaine solution is required for the desired dose: 2 g Lidocaine = 2000 mg Lidocaine 1000 ml 1000 ml 2000 mg = 3 mg 1000 ml "X" ml ...

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