Mil S 6758

RD BAR 4130 cond-c4 MIL-S-6758 0.312 0

L W T Spec RD BAR 4130 cond-c4 MIL-S-6758 0.312 0.312 48 4130 sq bar HT-F4 MIL-S-6758 0.312 0.312 36.75 4130 Sq. bar Cold Finished ASTM-A-331-87


american aircraft quality alloy steel bar-analysis c mn pmax. s max. si ni cr mo cu max. val e4130 ams 6370 normalized rounds, squares and flats mil-6758 condition d1-d4 (mil-s 6758 superseded byams-s-6758). 28/. 33. 40/. 60. 025. 025. 15/. 35. 25 max.. 80/1.10. 15/. 25. 35--e4130 ams 6370 ...

AircrAft Alloy SteelS

... clASSificAtion of PHySicAl And SurfAce conditionS of AircrAft Alloy SteelS Following is a summary of the symbols used in military (MIL) specifications ... Sec. H Page 5 4130 AircrAft BArS AMS-S-6758 (Continued) 4130 AircrAft HexAgonS Stock Lengths 12' Approx. Heat treated & cold finished normalized & cold fin.

. The following specifications and standards form a part of ...

MIL-S-6050 or SAE AMS-S-6758 or seamless steel tubing per SAE AMS 6360, except that the tensile strength shall be 75,000 pounds per square inch (psi) minimum.

Pages 225-236

HARDENABILITY : As required by MIL-S-6758, minimum end-quench hard enability values for grade are Rockwell"C"35 at 5/16"and Rockwell"C"at 8/16".

MIL-P-5673D 2.2 Other Duplications. The following document(s ...

G40370 (AISI 4037) per AMS 6300 or UNS G41300 (AISI 4130) per MIL-S-6758 Or UNs G86300 (AISI 8630) per MIL-5-6050. b. Steel alloy - UNS G87400 (AISI 8740) per MIL-S-6049.


... a-a-1558 ok qq-a-200 sae ams-qq-200 qq-a-225 sae ams-qq-225 qq-a-250 sae ams-qq-250 qq-s-763 sae ams-qq-763 tt-c-490 ok mmm-a-139 mmm-a-182 dod-std-100 amse y14.100, y14.24, y14.34m, y14.35m dod-std-2101 ok mil-s-6758 sae-ams-s-6758 mil-a-8625 ok

Specification for. Aluminum Alloy Rod and Wire, for Rivets ...

mil-b-6812d military mil-c-5541 mil-s-5626 mil-s-6049 mil-s-6050 mil-h-6088 mil-s-6098 mil-s-6758 mil-i-6866 mil-i-6868 mil-h-6875 mil-s-7742 mil-a-8625 >k mil-s-8879 mil-s-18732 standards federal fed-std-151' military mil-std-105 $: mil-std-129 mil-std-143 mil-std-147' mil-std-410" mil-std-414;': mil-std-794 >'; mil-std-45662 ...

Alloy Steel

E4130 Rounds E4130 Hexagons E4130 Squares E4130 Flats E4140 Rounds E4140 Hexagons E4140 Squares E4140 Flats 6370 2301 6382 2301 MIL-S-6758 Refer to AMS-S-6758 MIL-S-5626 Refer to AMS-S-5626 6370 Rc34@J5 Rc27@J8 Mil-S-6758 Rc35@J5 Rc28@J8 Rc50@J6 Rc44@J9 G R O U P D I R E C T A N D P R E H A R D E N E D A L L O Y S — M E D I U M — H I G H C A R B O N BHN MAX MAX .


alloy specifications e-4130 mil-s-6758, ams-6370, ams-2301 e-4130 h.t.r.c. 26/32 mil-s-6758, ams-2301, ems-626a e-4140 mil-s-5626, ams-6382, ams-2301 e-4330 mod n&t mil-s-8699, ams-6427, ams-2301, bms-7-27 e-4330 mod. vac. melt.

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