Microviewer Activity The Circulatory System

The Circulatory System Microviewer 1 Name_____ Microviewer Activity The Circulatory System Read the introduction to slides, and then answer these 2 questions; 1.



MICRO-VIEWER LAB: BACTERIA & VIRUSES Name _____ Date _____ Hour _____ Directions  Please take care of these Micro-Viewer booklets because they are fragile.


Biology 9 Nervous System Lab

1 Biology 9 Nervous System Lab Objectives: • To understand the microscopic anatomy and function of nervous tissue. • To understand the gross anatomy of a mammalian brain (sheep) which is similar in structure to the human brain except in size and proportion.


Parent Letters Blackline Masters & Journal Pages

Dear SCIENCE 21 User, Several teachers have asked for a separate packet of editable and reproducible documents that includes the Parent Letters, Blackline Masters, and Journal Pages that are a part of the SCIENCE 21 program.


Teacher's Guide Grades 5-9

Protists Teacher's Guide Grades 5-9 Editors: Brian A. Jerome, Ph.D. Stephanie Zak Jerome Assistant Editors: Heidi Berry Stephanie Rogers Anneliese Brown Graphics: Dean Ladago Visual Learning Company Visual Learning Company Visual Learning Company Visual Learning Company Visual Learning Company ...


Unit 02 lab 01 cell structure lab

Microslide Lesson Set #58 Microviewer Textbook Safety – use common sense. Procedure 1. Follow the directions of the Text folder of Microslide Set #58. 2.


LAB 2: Protista

• Learn the basic characteristics that define organisms classified within the LAB 2: Protista


Stems & Leaves

1 STATION 1 Introduction to the stem The stem functions as the principal supporting organ in the plant body. The stem also hold and separates the leaves to improve their exposure to light, supports the flowers to aid in pollination and holds up the fruits so that dispersal can take place.


Nutrition Under A Microscope

Provider • May 2009 39 Focus On Caregiving The new surveyor guidance and investigative protocol for nutritional status is bringing with it more intense scrutiny and accountability.


MISD Mathematics/Science Center -Science Equipment Lending List

... vision projector 3 No Microscopes-Digital Blues 6 No Microviewers 40 No Microviewer slides-cells of the body 2-sets of 15 each No Microviewer slides-cells of plants 2-sets of 15 each No Microviewer slides-animal tissue 1-set of 15 No Microviewer slides-human disease 1-set of 15 No Microviewer slides-fur, ...


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