Micom P441

Distance Protection Relay

The relay module is based on the Micom P441 industrial relay. The lecturer or student sets up different fault circuits on the Protection and Relay Test Set.


(Microsoft Word - MiCOM P442 \274\274\312\365\313\265\303\367 ...

areva 5 /37 micom p441, p442, p444. areva 6 /37 micom p441, p442, p444 1. micom p441 p442 p444 p442 p444 p441 1.1 21p/21g 50/51 1 2 1 1 /2 3 sotf/tor / 50n/51n def 67n 2 def 32n 27 1 idmtdt 2 dt 59 1 idmtdt 2 dt 67/46 sot f 50/27 tor 50/27 78 c1.0 vts vt ac cts 46 50bf 1.2 79/25 4


20, 30 and 40 Series Relays Key Features

The MiCOM range of relays offers varying levels of functionality and hardware options to best suit the protection requirements, and allows the customer to choose the most cost effective solution for their application.


Our Complete Range of Solutions

MiCOM P432 and P439 iii. MiCOM P43x iv. MiCOM P441, P442 and P444 v. MiCOMho P443 and P445 e) Line Differential and phase comparison i. MCBI ii. MHOR04 3410 South Service Road - Upper Level Burlington Ontario L7N 3T2 Canada Tel: (905) 333.2055 Fax: (905) 333.0840 Cell: (905) 875.5276



... and generator protection relays 22 6.3.1 P341 - P344 22 6.4 Distance protection relays 27 6.4.1 P430C, P432, P433, P435, P436, P437, P438, P439 27 6.4.2 P441 ... B&CT/EN AP/B11 Application Notes Page 20/46 Burdens & CT Req. of MiCOM Relays Auxiliary supply Case Size Relay Nominal Burden* Size 6/30TE P220, P225 < 3W or ...


Digital Protection System Using Optical Instrument ...

We were not able to test two or more completely different test setup configurations because of availability of only one digital protective relay AREVA Micom P441.



ТЕХНИЧЕСКОЕ ОПИСАНИЕ ТG 11671 МiСОМ Р441 и Р442 Том 1 ДИСТАНЦИОННАЯ ЗАЩИТА Глава 1 Страница 3 из 24 Примечание: *Может отличаться в разных моделях/типах реле.


13h40 - Case Ecil

#Script para Areva P441 ##### #Abrindo conexao ##### AbrirAplicativo C:\Arquivos de programas\AREVA T&D\MiCOM S1\Courier\S&R-Courier\S&R-Courier.exe,Settings and Records -Courier EnviarTeclas TOPO,{ALTDOWN-}DO{ALTUP-} AguardarJanela Open Serial Connection,10 EnviarTeclas TOPO ...


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